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Liberty and Justice For All

October 5, 2009

For equal justice to occur, it is imperative for the three branches of government to agree upon the code it creates and eforces. It is prudent to recall that We the People live under threat of penalty for violating codes that we can’t possibly understand or may not even know exist.  Something is very broken and it will remain broken until such time as the problem is discussed openly and honestly. Only then, can a just solution be arrived at and then implemented.

Let’s say an individual wakes up one morning with something of a mid-life crisis. They read the Constitution for the first time in a very long time (when as the last time you read it?) and decided that they wanted a substantial change in their life from way out in right field, for shock value. They decide to exercise  Second Amendment rights to keep, bear and use a firearm, something they had never before done in their lifetime.

They exercise their right to their own Pursuit of Happiness by seeking out another Freeman who is willing to trade a firearm for something of acceptable value.  A private contract between two Americans is agreed upon by it’s parties and then executed.  Both parties are satisfied and they each go on about their other personal business. Now, the same pattern transpires for ammunition, targets and some refreshments for later. On to the range to pop off some shots, hopefully hitting some targets, and then some time spent cleaning  that new firearm. Some conversation, in the name of free association, is to be had by two peers engaging in the same activity and a couple beers get cracked open over quality and peaceful conversation.

About 90 minutes later, during  the ride home, there on the seat sits some fruit of exercising various rights, a firearm, the remaining ammunition and whats left of that 12 pack, not to mention the thoughts of the experience itself and the gaining of a new friend.  Admirable it is. Today was a good day and the shock value didn’t disappoint. This day was a shining example of all that is good and just in this world.

Free exercise of rights is America at Her finest.

Someone found a way out of an ugly situation by simply exercising individual liberties. They harmed nobody and tremendous good was accomplished.

Then they get pulled over by so called law enforcement because the light over the license plate flickers. The stark reality of how far this nation has departed from it’s Constitution presents itself in a way that cannot be honestly denied. What was, for a moment, a shining example of freedom has become a dark demonstration of tyranny.

Read that again and take note of that fact that if the day went as written, many code violations have taken place and punishment is now due. Don’t think for a minute that day could happen that way legally. It can’t. It is impossible.

This example demonstrates that code is in direct conflict with the Law. Far too few understand the difference between the two. That is a dangerous situation that cannot be allowed to continue.

We the People willingly agree to an amount of code by which to live, some would use the terminology that “We consent”, because we understand that the basis of civilized society itself is structure- Rule of Law.  But what happens when there is disagreement within the three branches of government tasked with making, implementing and justifying code? Throw in some disagreement from We the People and a recipe for chaos exists.  For government to come to recognized open decisions about code,  it must look to the Supreme Law, which was born within the scope of Natural Law, constituting it’s boundaries. It may only operate within those parameters. This intentional limitation makes many decisions for government officials all by itself.  That certain rights exist requires that some policy positions be removed from the table of debate about solutions to problems. Exercising rights cannot be violations of a just code. If the code, as it is written, brings about such an outcome, it is unjust and should be opposed and thrown off as the tyrannical action it is.

How can people actually “obey“. How can Citizens abide correctly by code which cannot be known and understood to them? Those responsible for the code do not agree. They don’t know exactly what it is or how to follow it so how could Citizens know, mush less be expected to abide? If Citizens cannot know, they cannot abide.  How, then, can government proceed with just prosecutions and imposition of penalties when the person in my scenario did nothing but exercise their rights?  More troubling, is why would it engage in that behavior? It claims to be doing the public good, but in my example, government doing the public good was accomplished by punishing an unknowing and unsuspecting person for nothing more than exercising several of their individual rights.

Who is the criminal entity here in need of punishment again? It most certainly isn’t the one who was having the mid-life crisis, now is it?

Do you think that was a fictional picture I painted?  Many people would read it as such. Those folks should know that if those events took place in Illinois tomorrow, that person could be subject to losing their driver’s license and forfeiture of not only their new firearm and ammunition, but to losing some important liberties as well. The right to keep and bear arms and the right to vote can now be revoked. Felony convictions see rights removed.  Freedom itself would also be suspended, as a trip to jail, over what started out as a flickering license plate light, is already taking place. Sure, bail can be made, if allowed, but then, a person must have the ability to pay it. It is also important to know that a prison sentence could be imposed as a result of the days events.  A series of penalties and fines of the monetary variety are short at hand as well.

How can this be in a country that is supposed to be the beacon of freedom?

Everyone is always guilty – of something – every day. My example is but one of many.

What the code actually is, as it written, and what those documents translate to in practice are often times two very different things. What once appeared to be common sense legislation with the intent of promoting the general welfare, now shows it’s true color of injustice – the violation of individual rights by bloated and intrusive government that has lost it’s way.

So what about solutions?

My consent to be governed will not be willingly given to those who will attempt to govern me unjustly.  My personal and individual Oath to the Constitution compels me to do several things in search of  solutions; 1) To speak out against being unjustly governed with specific examples  2)  To stand against those who will advocate continuance of the current administration of what government calls “justice”, 3) To communicate the protest that qualifies my contest. 4) To question candidates for elected office and current office holders with boldness, supported by honesty, and then cast my votes according to their answers and record of actions. 5) To share truthful knowledge with others and accept truthful knowledge others share with me.

I advocate true and equal justice, per the United State’s Constitution, by, and for, Citizens and government alike.  I stand shoulder to shoulder with others who also desire this and are willing to do the same things in attempt to bring it about. I openly call for the correction of the code by Legislators so that code no longer violates individual Liberties by punishing the free exercise of recognized and Constitutionally protected rights.

American government, be it state, local or federal, was created with a crystal clear purpose;  To  facilitate, protect and defend  American Citizens freely going about our Individual business among one another in a protected and defended environment.

Is this the case today?   Not Hardly.

I would argue that Government today spends considerably more time and effort, not to mention taxpayer’s dollars and debt, politically, legislatively and judicially regulating (ruling over) American Citizens’ daily decisions than they allocate toward defending the United States as a Nation or observing, defending and protecting Her people’s individual rights.

This is a demonstration of an ‘out of order‘ list of priorities that spotlights government not doing what it was intended to do and doing that which it was intended not to do.

We the People are not subjects to be ruled over, We the People are Citizens, with rights, to be represented.

Today, representation is lacking, meaning that serfdom is afoot. This reality demands that we make a stand, individually, shoulder to shoulder, all facing the same direction, with tremendous resolve and relentless vigor. We must show all those who would attempt to rule over us, in no uncertain terms, that we are Freemen, that we will no longer afford our consent to be governed in the way we are governed today and that we will no longer be afraid to openly and straightforwardly oppose power hungry greed.

It is our duty, we owe it to our posterity, to share truthful information supporting Individual Liberty. Education is the most powerful and effective tool existing within our toolbox. The 9-12 Project opens the lid, so dig in, grab those tools,  and use them to spread the word.

We surround them – and don’t ever forget it. Never Forget. Ever.

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