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A moment of insight?

October 8, 2009

I am no fan of Chris Britt, a political cartoonist who’s drawings appear in the State Journal Register and other GateHouse  publications, and I have been quite open about that.  A recent example can be found here.

While he regularly depicted our last President as a chimp, he wouldn’t dare do that today.  Why?  Here is the answer.  While he has depicted a white man with a noose around his neck, he hasn’t done so when his mark was anything but a white person. Well, here is one, but the target is clear.  Think about it, would he draw a picture of this Nation’s sitting Executive as he did this State’s sitting Executive last January?  Would any newspaper print it if he did? C’mon now, we all know better.

This reality establishes that Chris Britt, not to mention powerful editors,  uses race as a defining line of separation between what is acceptable and what is not. What happened in history when that same line was used regarding drinking fountains, buses and even freedom itself?

Objective and reasonable people know that this mindset was directly responsible for slavery and segregation. Those of us who understand how wrongheaded that mentality is have long since moved beyond it, but alas, there remains those among us who still hold onto the idea that separate sets of rules amount to equality. Some people actually still believe that different sets of rules for people of different colors is proper.  Disgraceful.  Chris’s own actions show where he stands on that note. Hopefully, a moment of insight will occur in his life that will open his eyes to the error of his ways.

I must say, the most offended I have ever been by a Chris Britt cartoon was when I saw Bush drawn as a PEZ dispenser spitting out Flag draped coffins. I don’t care what party a person supports or what their personal politics are, there are three entities that are OFF LIMITS in my book. 1) Children 2) Elderly and 3) Fallen Soldiers.  Anyone who will use any of these defenseless three as pawns in their political agenda will not gain my respect. I consider those who do to be lightweight baiters – trolls- and nothing more.

As a result, I consider Chris’ cartoons as just that – trolling bait. An interesting thing happens to those who engage in that behavior. Sometimes they paint themselves into a corner and I believe that today’s cartoon is a good example.

“Hollywood” supports Obama and Chris very easily could have had a caricature holding a “Change We Can Believe In” sign. But he didn’t. Why? You can answer that for yourself this time.

Today, I agree with his message, “Hollywood” is nuts. Maybe that would be more appropriately and accurately said another way. Today, Chris agrees with what I have been saying for a long time, “Hollywood” is nuts!  From my perspective, why would I want to put stock in the politics of those who make careers out of pretending to be something or someone they are not? This is exactly what actors, actresses and celebrities do, right?

I like the way Kid Rock puts it.

Maybe some day soon Chris will also agree with me that using race as a line to create two different sets of rules exemplifies the racism that still exists within this country today. Maybe he will open his eyes to his own transgressions and make a “Change”.  Then he could opine about equality from the position of someone who actually believes in it.  He could then walk the walk instead of just talking the talk.

Let me be clear. I would in no way attempt to restrict what Chris Britt draws because doing so would be advocating an assault on the First Amendment.  I am content to see people align themselves with his position, that different rules should be defined by a person’s color, or my position, that skin color shall not affect Equality.

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