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Leading by example

October 10, 2009

To John Miller of Petersburg and  Larry Travis Jr. of Springfield, those were great Letters to the Editor, gentlemen. I greatly enjoyed reading both of them and I applaud you both for the courage it takes to apply your name to a message that is open for all to see.

Far too many people seem to think they understand the things that the both of you wrote about, but the reality is that they really don’t understand how government has infringed upon something that specifically says “shall not be infringed” or that the 9-12 Project’s goals are aimed at resolving that kind of injustice the way our Founders and Framers decided we should.

Your letters took very different paths toward the same end, education, and I just wanted to offer both of you my gratitude for taking the time to write and send in what you did.

To keep it real, I will also offer my thanks to the SJ-R for printing those letters.  It occurs to me that some of the best things printed in that newspaper anymore come from regular folks in the form of Letters to the Editor. A caveat there, so too is that where some of the worst things come from.

Hopefully, it is examples like yours’ that will see more people stand up and do the same thing. Maybe a large part of the problems in the “mainstream media” today stem from their accepted notion that they surround us. I know that they don’t and it is time they know it too.

I believe that one of the best ways we can see this proven is to inundate our local newspapers with letter after letter just like yours’. Everything from sarcasm to straight, blunt and reality based truth should be employed to get the message across. There are other ways to bring this about too.

As of this moment, I have some errands to run and then some duty to put in regarding another important letter.

Patriots you are, the both of you.  United we Stand and together we will succeed in defending this country, our Individual Liberties and the shining light of freedom based prosperity itself.

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