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How many generations?

October 12, 2009

How many generations must come to pass before the responsibility for past ills done are no longer rolled over to the next one coming?

How many generations must pass before the hyphen is dropped and a person is just simply American?

How many generations pass before broken fences are mended?

How many generations can pass before the ever increasing growth of government consumes the private sector completly?

How many generations of free people remain?

I guess it all depends on how many generations embrace being an American, live their lives by American values and stand firmly opposed to the growth of government intrusion into individual decision making areas it was never given authority to regulate.

With that in mind, it really only takes one to accomplish any and all of those things.  That’s right.  Just one.  The one with the courage and resolve to defend all that is right and proper in this world.  If ever our country needed that generation, that time is now.

There will always exist Freemen willing to defend freedom itself.  From time to time, it is necessary for those Freeman to stand up and be counted.  That is happening all over this country today. Sometimes they must even fight after they stood up to be counted. That is also happening now, this nation is at war with the enemies of freedom. More Freeman may have to enter the fight, in different ways, before this is over.

On 9-11-2001, many Freemen realized that they were Freemen because their Freedom, their very being, was threatened with destruction. Those who already knew they were Freemen told those who had just realized it that they should “Never Forget”. Sadly, some forgot and once again became complacent.  Sad it is.

We must stand vigilant before those who would threaten freedom. That means all of those enemies, not just some of them. We must bear witness to the fact that enemies exist within and without, that they are both foreign and domestic.  We must also mind the reality that threats to freedom itself take many forms under each header.

We must mind our money and where it goes. We must mind our property and it’s uses.  We must defend our rights by exercising them dutifully and properly.  We must speak truth, even to those who refuse to hear,  and we must be able to support what we say when challenged by those who would disagree.  Most importantly, we must teach our children what truth itself is and why they must always abide by it.

We must teach our young children how to think for themselves instead of what to think inside their heads. If our intentions are honorable and we teach them how to think for themselves, instead of what to specifically think,  they will arrive at the same those same honorable intentions we started with.

We can turn out of school buildings  kids with heads full of abstract facts or we can teach them to how to reason.  Facts are tough to apply without the ability to reason.

Today, I witness a generation of young adults that has been through plenty of schooling -and they do know many facts- but I see so many of them lacking the ability to reason those facts out to their logical conclusion.  They are at the age that constitutes the school of hard knocks. Indeed, they are at a major crossroads.

I ask each person to engage young adults in conversation about civics. Propose real life happenings that they will soon enough be exposed to.  Let’s say, things like property taxes and government mandated fees they will soon have to pay. Ask them to name an Amendment to the Constitution and ask them if they can explain what it means.  Ask them if they understand that the structure of the Electoral College is the same basic structure of the American Government itself. Question them the same way you would question an elected official and ask them about the same topics.  With boldness and clarity, challenge them to provide answers.

Teach them how to question and they will learn how to find answers for themselves.  Lead by example.  Be willing to be asked questions and offer truthful answers – especially when the truthful answer is that you do not know.

That one generation, the one this nation needs so badly today, will eventually be found so long as every generation seeks it out.  You never know, if we look for it together, we just might find it ourselves.

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