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Intellectual honesty matters

October 15, 2009

Many people underestimate or dismiss out of hand the negative ramifications of illegal immigration, which include, but is not limited to,  costs in terms of tax money and crime. Far too many people fail to see through their own noble emotions and intentions, concerning helping out their fellow man, to the detriment of their own country.

Indeed, far too many folks are so concerned with others not of this land that they have lost sight of their own posterity’s well being, not to mention the sacrifices already made defending this nation’s sovereign border from invaders. (Let us all remember that there is only one border, which goes all the way around this United States.) Shameful it is.

I am often highly critical and dismissive of polls. I especially detest those that claim a particular candidate is “in the lead” before any votes are even cast. I view these polls to be media and special interest group attempts at steering the population’s vote,  for until the votes are actually being counted, nobody is “in the lead“.

Other polls, like this one, offer more merit but still  must be taken with at least a grain of salt. After all, it is basically what some people are saying about what some people said. We must always be careful about putting too much stock in any kind of ‘he said-she said’. I do put some stock in this one, in part, because of things like  this.

In order to be totally clear, I want people from all over this planet to be able to come to this country and attempt to realize their honorable dreams. However, several meaningful things must be understood by all.
1) Not everyone in the world can come here, neither America nor her people are responsible for the fact that other countries suck in the individual Liberty and opportunity departments.
2) Those who want come here must understand that they must do so on our terms, not on their own.
3) Those who do come must assimilate. They must melt into the American pot with the rest of us.

When it comes down to it, a proper and complete list is a great deal longer than these three examples, but these several cover a great deal when complied with.

We tried amnesty once and every Congress, Executive and Judiciary has failed their duty ever since. We must learn this lesson well, so as not to repeat it.

While solutions to ongoing problems are difficult in a politically correct environment, they are relatively simple in real world terms. Comprehensive immigration reform? Nope,  just common sense!

1) Any illegal alien apprehended must remain in Law Enforcement custody until actual physical deportation.  Any crime committed by an illegal alien should be afforded it’s due punishment prior to deportation. Costs of this detention and all monies owed in compensation to their victims are to be payable by their home country’s government.
2) Upon deportation, absent any other crime, costs associated with their detention and deportation, along with any costs pertaining to medical treatment must also be payable  their home country’s government.

3) Any business found guilty of knowingly hiring an illegal alien must have their business license suspended. Licenses should be revoked if the offenses are shown to be chronic.

4) Any person found guilty of harboring, housing or otherwise facilitating the ongoing presence within the United States of any illegal alien must be judicially held to account. Fines are not sufficient and only amount to “pay to play”.  Jail time is required for this offense.

5) Children of Illegal aliens born within the United States must be afforded only citizenship of the country their parents are from. Only to children of two citizens shall born citizenship be afforded. Only to children born of two Natural Born Citizens shall Natural Born citizenship be granted. There is a substantial  difference between the two.  A difference our Founders were mindful to specifically address.
5) No tax funded services whatsoever shall be afforded to illegal aliens outside the parameters of emergency services during the process of deportation.

Again, this list is far longer than these examples, but if these things were adhered to, much of the remaining issues would be nonexistent.

Before any of this can take place, we must first be intellectually honest in our language about this issue. They are illegal aliens. They are not here legally.  They are here illegally by their own choice. That they are ‘undocmented’ is a result, not a cause. The cause is their own choice to ignore U.S. immigration code. This conversation is not about race, it is not about ethnicity or religious belief, it is not about being mean or being a bigot. It isn’t about being anti-immigrant. It is about being anti-illegal!  It must be about that  simple common sense truth.  It is about current location and the legality of that reality. These are the boundaries of a conversation that will afford a just outcome.

We must end this notion that law abiding United States Citizens are responsible, to the tune of tax monies, for the chosen actions of  foreign individuals who unlawfully reside in this country and we start that process by injecting baseline truth into the discussion to inoculate against the seemingly endless obfuscation it contains today.

The responsibility for, and the repercussions of, being here illegally rests on the shoulders of those who made their own choice to put themselves, and their offspring, in that position. Yes, it is true that there are those who abet them and that they should be held to account for their owned responsibilities regarding this matter, but when push comes to shove, ultimate responsibility belongs to illegal aliens themselves.

An illegal labor force harms the entire structure of checks and balances required in a free market economy, especially n terms of wages,  but that is a subject for piece all it’s own and I will save that for another day.

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  1. October 15, 2009 4:00 pm

    I discovered your homepage by coincidence.
    Very interesting posts and well written.
    I will put your site on my blogroll.

  2. brittanicus permalink
    October 16, 2009 12:30 am

    E-Verify should be on the national agenda to countermand any illegal alien infiltration into the working environment. Whatever needs to done should take priority to remove the unauthorized labor in our jobless nation. More funding, more modifications until the illegal immigrant fraudulent use of documentation becomes a thing of the past. Using whatever technical programming that is available, to make it’s operation inadvisable? Any database including state criminal, FBI, Social Security, Homeland Security, and any other means possible. Ultimately the final version would contribute photo verification, national ID system with biometric data which has been recommended by the Brooking’s Institute and Duke University MIT. Supposedly small employers who don’t operate computers should have common access in such locations as Post Offices or other approachable government building to identify the workers they are hiring.

    There should be no excuse to not install a nationwide mandatory system of worker identification. My suggestion is that–ALL-I-9’s should be copied and a duplicates sent to a Homeland Security Clearing House? Creating such an office would be a simple affair, if our state and federal government would be more beneficial to the working American male and female. If our government is sincere in securing our borders, and introducing new immigration enforcement tools, then E-Verify will become the final deterrent and not be weakened by Sen Harry Reid and his administration. I have made a point of speaking to a few business human resources departments, and found most are enthusiastic about the use of Verify. Only 1 of the 6 companies that I investigated determined some false negatives” and “false positives. But they always have a backup system of contacting the Social Security agency nearest to them, until the irregularities are resolved. Most immigration enforcement laws that have survived, such as 287 (g), is under attack, including the ICE raids. They have already silently rescinded the No-Match-Letter and other indicators show that the parties have many pro-illegal immigrant legislators amongst them?

    All that remains is citizens and legal residents to stop the Obama people from throwing a wrench in the cogs and stopping any technological advancement with E-Verify. E-Verify can be used on a universal level in checking bogus drivers license applications, auto insurance, home purchase, health care and other personal data. It would certainly alleviate the kidnapping of social service programs by the 20 to 30 illegal immigrants in America. It would displace foreign nationals so down-trodden legal single mums with children, homeless vets, senior citizens and even students could get employment. It all depends on all of us to contact our Representative in Washington at 202-224-3121. Tell them you don’t want half measures by full permanent implementation? NO MORE DRAGGING THEIR FEET? Tell them your remember them on next election day. YOU ALSO WANT TO COMMAND THEM. NO MORE AMNESTIES.

    Don’t let them distract you, but repeat your demands without hesitation to these open border jerks. Invest a little time and check what your politicians are doing to our immigration enforcement safeguard at NUMBERSUSA. Read about the consequences of future OVERPOPULATION at CAPSWEB and our collapsing infrastructure, that has been ignored for decades nationwide. Last read factual information at JUDICIAL WATCH that discloses the lawmakers, that are running the country for themselves, friends and business associates. ITS ALL FREE. Read that some of the White House Czars are not true Democrats, but are shadowed by their past Liberal Marxist backgrounds.

  3. October 16, 2009 2:18 am


    E-verify has it’s merit but abuse of the Social Security number itself has compounded the problem. It is my understanding that said number was supposed to be an effective way to individualize us in terms of paying income tax while remaining otherwise anonymous. That system was blown out of the water the instant the SS# was used as ID outside the tax collection/processing arena. Further complicating the issue is the issuance of a tax ID number. No valid SS# should mean no work, but then it would have to be required that Americans have one in general. but that is not the case. Gee, complication by design, ya think?

    Work visas are a fair idea, I agree. One that should be utilized far better than it is today.

    When it comes to the excuse of not having access to a computer, I don’t buy it for a minute. I view that to be a cheap cop out. I would think that all honest employers would embrace something like E-verify because it helps them operate within code.

    When it comes right down to it, our government is not serious about sealing the border, only allowing entry through checkpoints. If those in Washington were serious, it would already be done. Example: Area 51 – Groom lake. It has a border and it is secured, without a doubt. I would say the same about interior enforcement. There is an utter lack of political will, nothing more, nothing less.

    There does exist open border politicians on both sides of the aisle. They exist in office because voters keep putting them there. We must stop doing so.

    I hadn’t heard anything about the no match letters being curtailed, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    You know what is interesting? Legal immigrants awaiting their naturalization process have a Federal ID with a thumbprint along with a SS#. In some ways, they are more identifiable than Americans.

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