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An Ode to Obama

October 16, 2009

Some might ask ‘what’s up with  this dude’.

All I can say is that I was in a mood.

I love windmills,
but not high energy bills.

I would rather eat corn
than put it in something with a horn.

If we make a mess, of course we should do our best to clean it up.
If you think production happens absent messes, then you are but a young pup.

It lacks common sense to leave lay that which can be constructive,
especially when we turn around and buy it from those who are destructive.

It is foolish for environmentalists to ban accessing resources of nature,
this is a counterproductive use of our judiciary and legislature.

Build those wind mills and some solar panels,
but don’t ban tv’s with lots of channels.

Out in California they ban smoking indoors and new houses with fireplaces,
they have gone so far, over a fish, to make a desert out of farming spaces.

How long will it go on and how far will they advance,
before they are shown that they have burned their last chance?

Enter Barack Obama and total Democrat party control,
they finally succeeded in gaining power after years of vitriol.

You stomped around this country, claiming you knew best,
you went so far as to say what you detest.

But it wasn’t Reverend Wright, or Karl Marx you decried.
Indeed, it was America you chastised.

You said one thing and then another, to get the folks to believe you,
but when push comes to shove, brother,  the time to produce has come due.

You railed about Bush’s  spending, when the constitution says who shall spend,
Joe was right, Wilson and the plumber, a false message did you contrive and send.

The spending that you hammered, you know it was your own,
forever into the future, to all this shall be known.

The Constitution stipulates who retains the power of the purse,
as more days pass , this truth will turn out to be your curse.

It’s the House of Representative assigned this task with a Senate check.
You were in that body so admit this truth -or- leave it to Glenn Beck.

This statement I challenge you to vet,
so confident am I, the entire farm I will bet.

You won’t take that wager,  because you know that you would lose.
I got news for you, partner, your reputation just received a huge bruise.

Tell a truth or tell a lie, your decision rests with you
it is said that if the shoe fits -wear it,  so slide your foot in that shoe.

I recall you once said “I am going to end climate change.”
Speaking of your pay grade, that claim is out of range.

This world is yours as it is mine, for it is ours together,
you cannot control me anymore than you can control the weather.

There exists rights to pursue happiness and to self defense,
for my exercise you will get no recompense.

You banter about with terms like openness and transparency,
but the simplest things about you, the people cannot see.

You talked about touchstones and 3AM ringing phones,
but for all to see you associate with the likes of Van Jones.

For further confirmation, look to Valerie Jarrett and  Anita Dunn,
an ugly truth is that they idolize Karl Marx and Mao tse-tung.

While redistribution of wealth sits atop your list,
I must insist that you cease and desist.

Over those things belonging to you,
direction and allocation shall fit your view.

But regarding all those things owned by me,
those decisions and choices forever mine will be.

You see Mr. Obama, I am an American, which means I am a free man.
That means I have rights you must accept, no matter the desires of your clan.

From weak pressers to ambiguous speeches on TV most nights,
I have yet to see you relent to the Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

Understand this Barack Obama, I am a Citizen not a subject.
Until you leave office, to your policies I will steadfastly object.

So what’s it gonna be Barry Soetoro,
the Constitution or the NWO?

You touted change while  Chavez calls for a revolution,
but in the end, the winner here will always be the Constitution.

Try all you want to bring about that document’s defeat,
but know that this challenge is one Patriots will always meet.

We know your policies will destroy this nation,

because of this we take our station.

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