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It has been sent

October 20, 2009

Ok folks, the letter below has been sent to each of the elected officials mentioned.   Over one hundred people decided to add their names to it and they were included in the initial delivery.   While I look forward to the response that this delivery will hopefully bring about, and I am so very grateful to everyone who signed on, it is now time for everyone to send their own email to these office holders individually. Please feel free to add your own words along with the letter in the email you send, doing so would be most beneficial.

Remember, one email sent one time can be overlooked easily, but a whole host of them received over and over again can’t be.  Please share this letter with everyone you know and ask them to send it on also.  Post it in the forums you frequent, asking others to send it on as well – if they support attempts at gaining answers from elected officials.  The more people who do so, from every direction possible, the more effective this effort will be.

I am going to compile the responses gained from each official if folks will share what they receive in response.  If you send your own emails and get a response, and you would like to share that information for this purpose, send me an email  to  and I will fold the responses together to paint a ‘big picture’.  The goal of this particular effort is to show, without ambiguity, which of our elected officials are listening and responding to constituents in a substantive way and which ones aren’t.  In order to produce a meaningful and productive picture, good participation is necessary.

Most will get “canned” responses, identical generic emails, and I would like to be able to count those in terms of  how many arrive from each office holder.  Those who add words of their own along with this letter stand a better chance of receive differing responses.

Here are the contact pages for Schock, Hare, Shimkus, Durbin and Burris.    (H/T to Darla for having these addresses assembled together in one place.)

This part of the effort, which began with the preparation for September 5th gathering, is crucial.  When congressional aids see this same letter again and again, from one direction and then another, they will take notice and we will have succeeded in getting their attention.  Of this, I have no doubt.

We demand that our elected officials follow through and we best demonstrate that they themselves must do so by first doing so ourselves.  Leading by example affords the moral high ground and that is clearly the opposite ground of the “do as I say, not as I do” attitude so many in Washington D.C. display currently.

Please copy/paste this letter and send it far and wide. Spread the word that we stand together – resolved in our efforts to hold our elected officials to account for the choices they make in our names and on behalf of the people they are tasked with representing.

To Representatives Schock, Hare and Shimkus and also to Senators Durbin and Burris;

Recently, a group of peers came together to demonstrate a salient point. That you did not openly invite constituents to town hall style meetings during the last Congressional recess does not mean that we, as voters, would not hold them in your absence. We indeed held one where we asked our questions, said our piece and made our requests just as if our elected officials were in attendance.

In order to ensure that this effort could not go unnoticed, to be sure that it could not be dismissed as if it had not taken place and as a demonstration to ourselves, our children, our grandchildren and our elected officials that we, as Citizens, will spare no effort in exercising our cherished Liberties as a part of our mission to protect and defend them, this happening was recorded for you, inasmuch as it was for our posterity.

A DVD copy of this September 5th gathering, entitled “We the People – In Absentia Town Hall Meeting”, was hand delivered to your Washington D.C. offices in conjunction with what transpired the weekend of September 12th, 2009. You remember, the weekend when Washington D.C. saw more than just a ‘few thousand’ visitors.

Since that moment, we have been patiently waiting for your recognition of receipt, which is due, in part, to the unique nature of the communication itself, and also for your answers and comments regarding what was said by each participant, which, truthfully stated, is an integral part of the inherent responsibilities tied to the office you asked to be, and then were, elected to execute.

In an additional attempt to garner straightforward responses from all of you, we put our names to this letter and send it to each of you along with the transparent knowledge that we are engaging each and every one of you, equally, in a non-partisan way. We are engaging our elected officials in the American way, openly, honestly and without fear. We are fulfilling our duty to question you with boldness and we will persist until you fulfill yours.


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