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Urgency is Self Evident

October 21, 2009

Some folks question the validity of a message so many are trying to send today. There exists great urgency these days across a wide spectrum of subjects. From climate change (formerly known as global warming) to firearms, from individual citizenship to National sovereignty, dangerous threats exist in the here and now.

We are witnessing Anita Dunn talk about controlling the media as she admits to turning to Mao Tse Tung for philosophical advice. We see her husband’s hand in successful attempts to deny the requests of ordinary American’s about the very foggy picture of Barack Obama’s life.  Right, none of the American people have enough “standing” to demand straight answers from a sitting President and actually get them. You hear that friends?  This administration contends that the American people do not have standing to question our own government or the people elected to operate it. The most troubling part of this is that the courts are allowing this to pass muster.

Almost half a million people can sign a petition and Mr. “Touchstone of Transparency” ignores it outright while spending millions of dollars to avoid answering some very simple questions.

We are disallowed access to view things like his college records and things he wrote while in attendance, his long form birth certificate, adoption records, passport information and even his paper trail record as a sitting legislator.
Because Obama said so, that’s why. But this doesn’t quite fit the video above does it?
How can that be?
It is because he lies. It’s as simple as that.

Cass Sunstein, one of Obama’s czars, participated in a book that claims hunting should be banned, that animals should be able to sue people in courts of law and that we shouldn’t even be allowed to eat meat.

One might want to ask “why”.  But, going back to Dunn and control of media, doing that shouldn’t be allowed either.

Are you starting to get the picture yet?  No?  OK, lets talk about CIFTA for a minute then. Now that you have read what it is, watch what Obama has to say about it.

Those so opposed to gun rights have waged a long and contrived legal battle, one that has spanned decades, to avoid accepting a reality they don’t like. They have used stalling to disallow us our rights by keeping code in place that violates the Constitution. Last year, the Supreme Court dealt the anti gun special interest lobby something of a death blow. See Heller Versus D.C.. That decision was a crushing straight left and the looping right hook that will knock them out is already on it’s way. This summer, the Supreme Court will hear and then rule on another case, McDonald versus Chicago. The saddest part about this fiasco is that the Constitution itself  has been ignored all along and that many have been imprisoned for exercising their right to keep and bear arms. Infringing code, which is specifically denied,  has been passed and allowed to stand.  The courts, most especially the Supreme Court, decide what the code is by what they choose to rule on and what they choose to ignore.  Sorry, but the Constitution says the legislature is tasked with code, not the judiciary. There needs to be a check and balance imposed on legislatures that pass unconstitutional law, but that is a subject all it’s own.

So why would Obama support CIFTA?  Here is the easy answer.  He and his ilk know that they are losing their bread and butter stalling tactics and that Americans across this country will be able to freely exercise their rights with solid “case law” on their side.  Hence they now attempt to bind the USA, and it’s people,  to an international treaty that will somehow overrule our individual rights and our Constitution itself.  It’s an end run around the Constitution because they cannot achieve their goals operating within it.

For those who think Hillary would have been different, realize that she is on the same page. In order to discount the notion that she must mimic Obama as part of his State Department, one need only look to her own statements. She said all we need to do to solve all these problems is elect more Democrats and that she would reimpose a firearm ban as her husband bad done when he was President.

Gee, kinda fits the same pattern as the climate change effort happening now doesn’t it? I wonder why that is?

Still willing to give this administration the benefit of the doubt, eh? Alright, let’s have a look at what those in control of the Congress are up to. Check this out.

Why wouldn’t they want the people to see what they are doing? Transparency? Not hardly. How far are they willing o go to hold power? Far enough to ignore the rights of the minority! Total control is what they seek and they just about have it today.

Let’s look to some other UN activities for a minute. Whether it is concerning rights of the child or attacking free speech, it is clear that this administration is pulling out all the stops trying to strip away America’s right to be a free nation and instead be ruled over from abroad. Any group of Americans that would seek to have America and Americans ruled over by a foreign power, the Constitution be damned,  is something the Constitution conveys are traitors.  They are domestic enemies committing acts of treason.

History shows all who will see that Freemen went to war to free themselves, and others, of that tyranny many times throughout history. The Freemen of this country did so to establish this country and again to see black people liberated from the grip of slavery.  They did so to end the brutality in Japan and Germany and are doing so again today in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Some folks may decry the urgency that some of us put forth. They have their heads in the sand because the reality of things happening today shows how wrong they are.  If they pull their heads out of the sand, if they wipe the sand from their brow and then open their eyes, they will see how urgent the defense of liberty really is.  Some folks think  “it can’t happen here” and that is the 9-10 mentality defined by example.  They think freedom is free.

It can happen here, it has happened here, it is happening here now.

Think that statement is untrue? Many thought “it can’t happen here” until it did.  They need a reminder, a graphic reminder.

Urgency exists, so does the choice to accept that truth or deny that truth.

Which will you choose,  9-10 or 9-12?

Some would opine that I am playing the fear card here by talking about 9-11. When in reality, the card I play is the actuality card. Our rights were infringed upon by an enemy from without on 9-11. It is no different when an enemy from within infringes upon our rights today.  Terrorists attempted to destroy us on 9-11, it is time people understand that destroying our Constitution by ignoring it’s boundaries is the same kind of attempt – just by a different means.

Remaking America, transforming America, is the same thing as destroying America as it is, for as it is will no longer remain when said transformation is complete.  It is just a slick way of saying it in a way people will not relate to the same way they do the events of 9-11.

Osama Bin Laden hoped for change and acted to bring it about. Barack Hussein Obama is doing the same thing. Osama wanted to see our society controlled by the powers that be. From his perspective, that consists of Allah and Sharia law.  Obama also wants our society to be controlled by the powers that be.  From his perspective, that consists of the hard leftist ideological position of government control over everything.  Both are against personal freedom and for a controlled society full of people living as they are being told to live.  Neither put individual liberty before ‘powers that be’ control.  Both are unjust because both are enemies of Liberty. This truth is self evident to all who will see it for what it is.

Some actions are unjust no matter what the intentions. It is time Americans look at the actions aside from the proclaimed intentions. When they finally do, they will at last see the injustices being imposed on American’s Liberties today. Maybe then they will decide they want to remain Freemen and they will stand up for Liberty itself.  Maybe they will finally realize that freedom must be defended regarding all enemies for so long as those enemies exist.

Wake up folks.  Media will not spoon feed you. You must think for yourself, before you are not allowed to do so.

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