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Why go after Fox?

October 30, 2009

Much has been made about the Obama administration’s war on Fox news.  I believe this was a tactical power play by Obama matching so many other actions he has taken. When his administration’s actions can be shown to be overreaching, he puts out something for people to focus on so they don’t see, or talk about, what is really going on.

Don’t want people to discuss the fact that a great deal of your life’s record is hidden from view? Create a diversion over an ambiguous document and spend millions in the court system to avoid a clear answer of substance.  Want to avoid responsibility for spending coming out of a Congress that you were a member of? Point at the President and hoodwink people into thinking that Presidents spend.  Don’t want to admit that your own strategy failed? Claim “drift” of the years before the year of your own drift.

Obama initiated the war on Fox to give his defenders something to point at every time someone brings up his administration’s attempts to stifle the free exchange of ideas and information. Pure obfuscation.  Muddy those waters so people don’t figure out what is actually happening until it is too late.  When people talk about this topic, the point of Obama’s deal with FOX is to have every discussion revolve around FOX – that way the other things get lost in the wash.  People hear a bit about Obama attempting to squash information and they think, and say,  “Oh that is just that darn FOX news thing again”. It is their excuse to dismiss what is being presented to them. Effective it is, underhanded it is as well.

Take a look at this GAO report.  Keep in mind the idiocy of the following statement while you do so.

“FCC, which was established under the Communications Act of 1934 to regulate interstate and international communications by radio, television,wire, satellite, and cable–also oversees the telecommunications
infrastructure on which the Internet depends.”

Think about that sentence please. Created in 1934 to regulate cable and satellite communications ? Sparks of a Biden comment about television to Couric, doesn’t it? It seems basic truth doesn’t even enter into these folks minds anymore.

But anyway, back to that report. Even though it admits clearly that infrastructure belongs to private sector entities, it discusses the need for government to take it over in the event of an “emergency”. A take over affording government the decision which websites will be allowed to operate and which ones will not. What is the baseline authority for this action? There is that commerce clause again! I suppose one could argue Rahm Emanual’s go to catchphrase “Never want a serious crisis to go to waste”. is in full view here.

Some will say that I am reading too much into disaster preparedness. Well, to that I will just point out another example. Obama’s Department of Homeland Security has clamped down on information about illegal aliens. ( It is noteworthy to mention that Bush wanted an OFFICE of Homeland Security as opposed to a DEPARTMENT of Homeland Security, but few will even ponder, much less understand, the difference)  Check out this memo!
Gotta check with ICE to see if it is allowable to release information. The privacy of illegal aliens matters more than Americans knowing truthful information about illegal’s presence here in this country or what our taxpayer funded law enforcement is doing about that crystal clear problem? Seriously?

Remember when Obama’s campaign denied access to reporters who worked for press outlets that didn’t endorse his candidacy? This pattern is long and well established. It should be no surprise that this is still happening now.

His administration even came out snapping on the AP when they came out with economic numbers that don’t fully support his positions.

Bit by bit, Obama is doing exactly the opposite of what he said. He said transparency, but he produces smoke cloud after smoke cloud. Over and over again, Obama is proving to all with open eyes that secrets are his game.

It takes a “leaked” document to make the American people aware that a whole bunch of Congresscritters are under investigation for ethics violation.

He hammers medical industry entities for speaking up in opposition to his so called health care reform. Even CNN couldn’t sweep that one under the rug.

Let’s not forget about McChrystal’s “leaked” information as well. The administration was none too happy about that information seeing the light of day. Ask yourself this, how much have you seen of this General on television lately? The answer is just another example of the Obama administration clamping down on information they deem unfavorable.

Everyone can see the economy is is still suffering. Yet, Obama and crew would have us believe their excessive debt based spending has already saved a million jobs.

And then we see his party advocate pushing through even more debt based spending, to the tune of another almost trillion dollars on this 1,990 page medical bill ( I love that pun) as John Murtha supports raising taxes to pay for increased action in Afghanistan.

Folks, they think we are stupid. They are treating us like idiots. Watch as they go so far as to fund ACORN in the coming months.

Obama and his ilk are the kings of projection but that house of cards is already falling. The people of this country must recognize that a great deal of it’s people have been subject to a massive boondoggle. They must respond with clear action come next year’s primaries. Just waiting until 2010 general elections and voting in the “other” party is not the answer. Indeed, that is part of why we are in the position we are in today.

The answer is for people to know who and what they are voting for.

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