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November 2, 2009

noise letter 3

(I know it is a little hard to read)

Evidently, a Letter to the Editor I wrote got under someone’s skin to the point they felt compelled to search out the location of my family’s home, type a racially tinged and curse filled screed with some penciled in corrections, place a newspaper clipping and their diatribe in an envelope and then purchase a stamp to send me their illogical rebuttal.

Interestingly, they didn’t bother to sign what they sent. Gee, I wonder why…

Apparently, this person has as much trouble reading as they do writing. I suppose it would be appropriate to put this into proper context by first posting the content of the letter as it was printed in the SJ-R.

Can’t ban every little thing people complain about
Here we go again with music complaints. The “quality of life” position applies to both sides equally and both are due respect.

During the time of day that an endless list of other things make noise, we accept them as part of daily life. Airplanes, trains, construction equipment, honking horns, lawn mowers, weed eaters and yard blowers are all noise makers that we would rather spend our days not hearing. Music during the day must be accepted the same way — accepted with personal objections.

Understand this — just because someone doesn’t like something doesn’t mean someone else should be punished for doing it. Neither does there exist a right not to be offended, nor should there be one. If we continue on this path of banning and punishing everything that some people complain about, we will be left with nothing but a police state where none of us can do anything without being punished.

Oh, so you want to dismiss that as conspiratorial foolishness, do you? Well, a few months back, I was on the receiving end of a written ticket for my supposedly unlawful music. I was also orally reprimanded for my “bad attitude” when I literally laughed out loud after being told why I was pulled over, detained and made late for a scheduled meeting. I must have deserved it, huh? Sure, the factory-installed radio in my almost 13-year-old truck is a priority requiring the immediate attention of valuable taxpayer-funded police resources, isn’t it?

Robberies, assaults, break-ins, rapes and murders happen every day and music is what elected officials and law enforcement personnel are concerned with? Seriously?

Government’s role in our lives is to defend our individual liberties, not to spend it’s time figuring out how to make us forfeit our property because we exercise them.”

I guess the author of the letter sent to my home considers equality to be “garbage” because mutual respect is exactly what my letter started off with. The mindset of that person is self evident straight away.

This person goes on to say that I go up and down the streets blasting a boom box. Do the words “factory-installed radio in my almost 13-year-old truck” mean anything to this person? It means that my truck has the original General Motors installed OEM equipment. So since when did GM install boom boxes? This person apparently thinks that a stock radio violates his right to peace and quiet within his own home. I guess this person wants almost every driver stopped, detained and arrested. Don’t most of us have factory radios?

The author goes on about “with[out] regard”, what the heck does drawing a distinction between day and night mean to this person? Apparently, they missed that part of what I wrote too. Did this person even read what I wrote?

This person claims to base their positions 100% on what I wrote, but what they typed (with a typewriter) doesn’t even address the vast majority of what I wrote.

“White trash”, huh? Interesting play of the race card, isn’t it? They start out their letter not even knowing if they sent it to the right person but then they claim to know my race. They wanted me locked up, because I spoke truth to a police officer.

It is noteworthy that this officer no longer works in my community. Did my altercation with him result in that happening? This I cannot say for sure, because I was not alone in being on the receiving end of the JBT tactics this man demonstrated. It may well have played a part though. After all, there exists much more to this traffic stop that I didn’t mention in the 300 word limit of a Letter to the Editor.

When this happened, it was just after Janet Napalitano came out with the DHS memo about folks who have bumper stickers against the major political parties on their vehicles being “extremists” and potential homegrown terrorists. This is not even mentioning the fact that I was pestered about firearms in my vehicle. (Hey, I thought this traffic stop was about music?) Interestingly, I had a different letter printed in the paper the same day this happened. What was that letter about you ask? Second Amendment rights. Gee, what a coincidence huh? Yeah, sure it was.

The best part of the stop was at the end. I asked permission to ask a question and was granted that permission. I asked if the stop had anything to do with the sticker on my back window. You know, the one depicted at the top of this page. He said to me ” What sticker?” Now think about it folks, his answer can only man one of two things. Either he was straight up lying when claiming he didn’t see it, or something that up front and center is something his ineptness didn’t allow him to see. Either way, he is busted – cold busted.

When it comes down to it, this officer abused not only his authority as a law enforcement officer but also a law about music volume to pull me over, detain me, hassle me, and attempt to intimidate me and get paper on me. He found out that is not such an easy task where I am concerned. So too should the anonymous letter writer understand that.

Then the mob rule threat comes out from this author. If you come to my neighborhood ….blah blah blah. Kinda hard to take this person up on that threat when I don’t know who they are or where they live, right? Jeez.

As it stands, even the SJ-R editorial staff would have me in a position today to see my vehicle towed, impounded, removed from my possession, because of my factory installed radio. They recently advocated impounding a vehicle upon a second offense. This is RIDICULOUS! The day we have our vehicles impounded over factory radios is the day this country has officially lost it’s sanity and common sense.

When I first got my mail, I noticed this envelope had a typed street address and was absent a return address. This is out of the ordinary, in that, we have no home mail delivery where I live. Yes, I said that correctly and accurately. It is 2009 and the people in my neighborhood do not have any mail delivery to our homes. Thus, our street and house numbers are not part of our mailing addresses, we have P.O. boxes instead and must go pick up our mail at the post office. This shows that the letter writer does not know me, so how do they know I am “white trash”? Hilarious contradiction isn’t it? The letter sent to me is full of examples of “which way will you have it?”

When I opened it up and read it, my first reaction was one of “WTF!”. Then it turned to cheek hurting and gut splitting laughter. I began to wonder who it was that sent me this letter. I came up with several ideas after asking my friends if they were pulling my leg but I really have no way of knowing who it was or why they did it.

1) It was the police officer who no longer works here in this community or someone else who has a beef with me personally but doesn’t have the guts to present it openly with the intent of solving a disagreement with civil dialogue.

2) It was a journalist who disagrees with what I had to say but has no logical way to dispute it. What better way to disguise their identity by not signing their own work and using a typewriter to create so many errors? Nobody would ever suspect….

3) It was a person without a computer that just couldn’t stand the fact that someone posed a reasonable position that they could neither refute nor dispel with a well thought out position of their own.

4) It is a left wing liberal hack who employs the anonymous card, race card, intimidation card, ad hominem card and government control by mob rule card toward everyone they disagree with because they can neither debate openly the merits of their own position nor defeat the merit presented in mine.

5) It was some trollish bait designed to get me to write another Letter to the Editor about that incident or that topic or just to give me a hassle.

This person complains about being bothered at home – as they send an unsigned letter through the mail to my family’s home. This person complains about my boom box – when I clearly stated that I don’t even have one. This person complains about what I said and wants me jailed for it – as they talk about Citizens’ rights and say something themselves. This person claims not to know me – but then calls me white trash. This person talks about “our” city – but dismisses my statement about equality reflecting that very sentiment.

Such is the substance of debate by the typical Obama/Pelosi/Reid voter.

My buddy told me that I have officially received my first piece of moonbat hate mail. I think I will frame it and hang it on my wall as exactly that. To be sure, a lot of times people have said nasty things to me and about me on the internet, but this is the first time someone took it to this level. That tells me I am doing something right and that I should continue speaking out as I do.

Here is a thought, instead of cutting my letter out of the paper and sending it to me (because I know what I wrote) maybe this person would have been better off keeping it, actually reading it and making an attempt to understand what the written words mean. They did themselves a favor not signing the letter they sent to me, for they would surely be embarrassed when directly and publicly confronted with their chosen action.

So to whomever wrote and sent me that letter, you want to curse me out and call me white trash? I can give as good as I get on that front and here are two videos for you to view to demonstrate that I can do so when it is called for. Notice please that my Letter to the Editor was nothing like this and the only reason I offer it to you now is because you took it to this level in your letter to me.

Some would argue that I am sinking to your level but I would respond with the fact that I am showing you, and everyone else, that anyone can operate on that level but what truly deems you ‘trash’ is when your own actions demonstrate it to be the only level on which you can engage. Notice, it is you who have only demonstrated operation on one level.

With this writing in conjunction with my initial letter, I have demonstrated that I can do both but that I first chose a cordial, even handed letter based on mutual respect for each others’ rights.

I only send vitriol in your direction because you first sent it to me. It’s a self defense thing. When someone wants to play dirty pool, sometimes that self defense requires one to play that game by it’s own rules in order to be successful. It is true that sometimes one must fight fire with fire.

So here is some fire for you, I thought some music matching your letter was appropriate.

and for good measure….

Now, if you would care to have an adult and open conversation about this subject in a civil manner, I would very much like to participate in such an endeavor. Something tells me that you are incapable of such a thing, maybe it was your letter….

The very reason we have a Bill of Rights as part of our Constitution is so that people like you cannot use government to impose your own will on everyone else. Indeed, it is why we live in a Republic instead a Democracy.

The Framers knew that people like you will always exist and they saw fit to create a form of government that would prevent your mob rule mentality from destroying the great American experiment and the very Freedoms this nation was created to stand for.

I thank you for your letter because it is a perfect demonstration of what this nation is up against. It is an exquisite example of people that have totally lost sight of our Constitution and what it means to be an American. I will cherish your words and reflect on them whenever I think that speaking out as I do isn’t worth it. You proved to me that it is.

Oh and one more thing, as a Freeman, I can do whatever I want, whenever I want so long as I am not infringing upon the rights of another. You see, we even have a word for that. It is called Liberty.

Until every noisemaker that can be heard inside a house is criminalized as a direct violation of a persons right to silence, then it is easily shown that you claim a violation of a right that does not exist. That you don’t like what I do is not a violation of your rights. If it was, then you just violated my rights by sending that letter to my house. Oh, I forgot, you think equality is garbage. Never mind.

The main difference between us is a simple yet profound one. I respect your individual liberty but you don’t respect mine. That means you don’t respect Liberty itself.

You, sir or ma’am, are a fine example of what it means to be Unamerican.

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  1. Nate permalink
    November 2, 2009 10:07 pm

    To think a person would go as far as to send a “trash” letter such as that, to your home is with out respect!!!!

    HAHAHA….He considers a “factory installed radio” a “boom box”.

    This person clearly has no idea what they are talking about.

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