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Governments Are Overstepping

November 2, 2009

I would like to ask people to think about something substantial. Today, our state and federal governments are placing legislative limits on how much money we can offer the political candidates of our choice. Meanwhile, they are trying to declare and mandate where we must spend other monies, regardless of whether or not we can afford to make those expenditures. Government is trying to control every person’s spending habits.

At the state level, insurance purchases are already mandated and heavy fines are imposed if a person fails to comply. One need only look to the so called ‘health care reform’ bill to see what the federal government is trying to do. That entity is trying to impose a similar mandate while creating a ‘government option’ aside from the private sector. They plan to make the private sector insurance more expensive, per regulation, than the public option, which will, in the end, force everyone to make a purchase from government. This is just a tax by another name.

Think about it, where do elected officials get the idea that they can tax monies away from us and then determine where what remains must be spent? What property do they consider off limits to their authority? Obviously, those there today think everything belongs to them and there are no limits on their authority. Maybe they ought to try reading the Constitution to see that governments do indeed have limits.

Now, to be clear, I have never sent even one cent to any person seeking an elected office. This is true partially because I have never had even a penny I didn’t think needed to be used elsewhere. This is about principle. This is about individual Liberty. This is about exercising rights in a country that is supposed to be free.

We all have a right to be secure in our personal possessions and our private property and we all have a right to free expression. We have the right to peaceably assemble and to pursue our own happiness. Of course, government has the power to impose taxation but once that taxation is paid, what is left belongs to us, meaning that their control over it is nil. These things together mean that government is overstepping it’s authority, it is violating our civil Liberties, when it stipulates what we do with after tax dollars.

For many years, governments have been doing this in a somewhat sly way. They have spent more than they have taken in levied taxes and now claim they must raise taxes to fund their “budget”. Taken to it’s illogical end, governments could accrue as much debt as it’s operators want, impose any mandate and ban they want and, in effect, take every bit of wealth that is in the hands of every person and corporate entity. They do not even feel the need to be sly about stealing away every penny we have.

Americans need to wake up and see what is going on before their eyes. Then they must stand up to this tyrannical action and say ‘No More!”.

This madness must stop. We need reform alright. We must reform government. The way we effectively exact reform that will return government to it’s due role in our society is to rework the methods of taxation. I have said it before and I will say it again, the current tax code must go the way of the dodo bird and be replaced with a stand alone and standard tax that each person pays at the time of their purchases.

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