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To know what is wrong, one must know what is right.

November 5, 2009

After two full years of Obama saying that just about everything Bush was doing as President was wrong, he was elected to office. It has been a year since that happened, though he has not held that office for a full year at this time.

Is gitmo closed? Nope.

Has the Democrat majority in both Houses of Congress declared war? Nope

Is our military removed from Iraq? Nope.

Is the PATRIOT act repealed? Nope.

Is government spending reduced? Nope.

That list can go on and on but here is the point;

If someone is going to stomp around the country saying that what is being done is wrong, then they must know the right things that should be being done.

Obviously, Obama didn’t have any idea or he would already be doing it. Instead all we see is increased spending, increased taxation, studies about this and that and supposed strategy changes in the works.

Almost 1/4 of the way through his term and Obama is still campaigning. That is what happens one campaigns on opposition instead of solution. Think about it, Obama is still blaming Bush.

Opposition cannot lead and Obama is proving that beyond a doubt. His poll numbers will continue to fall as more and more people see this for what it is.

We will now witness acts of desperation from the leftists in control of the Congress. They know that 2010 is coming quickly and they will be rebuked for what they have already done and what they have not done. They will pull out all the stops to quickly cram several things down this country’s throat. Health insurance mandate and government control, energy tax and control and immigration will come quickly.

Our only hope at this point is for the sane Democrats to wake up and stop this madness before so much damage is done that it will take three generations to fix it – if it can ever be.

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