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The Ummah Holds Responsibility

November 6, 2009

This may be framed by some folks as racist, bigoted, anti religious, xenophobic, warmongering, neoconic or some other such derogatory term. That would amount to intentional intellectual dishonesty employed to avoid dealing with the actual substance presented. This piece is specifically intended to be a call on every Muslim on the planet Earth. I make no distinction based on age, gender, skin color, country of origin or current residence, sect, tribe, or level of secular education. This writing is a cautioned request to any and all who take the Koran as their Holy book and live under the religion of Islam.

From the hostage taking of diplomats in Iran to the Marine barracks bombing in Lebanon, from the massacre in Munich to homicide bombings in Tel Aviv and rockets raining down on Sderot, from the World Trade Center bombing in 1993 to the embassies in Tanzania and Kenya, from the burning oil wells in Kuwait to the drained wetlands of Iraq, from the USS Cole to 9-11, the world has seen over and over again the depth of brutality sunk to by those claiming to be acting in the name of Islam.

Whether it be women clicking their heels in public or little girls going to school, or either of them being the victims of rape, we have witnessed the stonings and the honor killings in the name of Islam. We have seen harsh punishments handed down for an elderly women being delivered bread by an unrelated man, and even for drinking a beer or not dressing a certain way.

The world has witnessed massive outrage over simple cartoons that brought so many out in the streets and riots over false reports of so-called abuses of a Koran. Death threats abounded over these incidents. We witness Muslims burn the flags of this nation and that nation and burn effigies of this President or that Prime minister. We also witness the chants of Death to America. Why? Simply because we are not bowing to Islam?

The world has watched failed attacks like Bojinka, the millennium plot and cells like the Buffalo six but we have also watched the horror of IED’s. We have also seen things like the backpack plot in Norman Oklahoma, the numerous Valentines day killings that made use of everything from guns to SUV’s to create carnage and attacks on our soldiers from within our own Military itself.

For many years, the denials have held. Right down to baiting attempts like the belt buckle extension wielding flying Imams. Mainstream media has, up until now, been able to point the needle in every direction but the one it needs to be pointed for resolution to come to fruition. Governments, especially the American Executives during my lifetime, have played their part in this denial as well.

I say to all of you today that the pressure cooker release valve long used to bleed off the pressure that Islamic intolerance creates no longer functions as it once did. I mean to convey to you that the body of evidence has grown to the point that no amount of obfuscation and denial can endlessly cloud the picture of reality. The day fast approaches that diversionary tactics will be ignored entirely.

Many think that the USA brought her full power to bear after 9-11. Many thought America was defeated the day Obama was elected. Nothing can be further from the truth. In case you have not noticed, Americans have been arming themselves at a pace not matched in recent history – if ever. Freeman are preparing to defend their cherished freedom and this point should not go unnoticed. I do not seek to threaten when I speak of this, I attempt to share truthful information in the desire to avoid what is coming if all parties do not recognize what is afoot and take corrective action to avoid what will come if the status quo remains.

When Zarqawi plotted and carried out a bombing in Jordan at a hotel, Muslim people took to the streets and shunned the action as the evil it is. This happening gave me hope like the demonstrations in Iran recently have. The world needs to see much more of this to combat the picture of Islam that so many have been painting for so many decades.

There is nothing I would like better than to see every American soldier come home to the USA. There is no more desirable outcome than to see Islamic countries and governments live in peace beside the other nations of the world. The world can not accomplish this for you. While others can help you, you must actually do this yourselves because it is your choice whether to be peaceful or not. It is your responsibility to deal with what some call a criminal element. The reason foreign troops come to your lands is because you are not doing so, in fact you have leaders among you encouraging that criminal element. It is time to understand that preaching to and attempting an Islamic takeover of the entire planet will be met with the forces of freedom. It is time to accept that this will always be the case, that there will always be Freeman willing to defend freedom itself.

I refuse to believe that every Muslim is Evil. But I know, without any doubt, that plenty of Evil is perpetrated in the name of Islam and justified by the Koran and Hadith themselves. History itself, past and current, proves it fully to all who will open their eyes and see truth as it is.

Yesterday, a Muslim did as so many others have done. Like entering an airport and attacking the El Al airlines ticket counter, a Muslim took the lives of many unarmed and unsuspecting people and hurt many more. All in he name of Allah. Where are the massive protests against this disgrace upon Muhammad and Allah and Islam itself? It is absent, which means there must be no disgrace at all in the eyes of the Ummah.

You protest in droves about cartoons, but the world sees zero from you about this disgrace upon the one you call your God. You must recognize this idiocy for what it is and also that, every day, more and more non-Muslims are recognizing it. You, as Muslims, must recognize this faster than non-Muslims for anything good to come to you as a result of this reality.

You have a choice before you as an Ummah. You have a choice before you as an individual among that group. You can rejoice in the killing of the Infedels as Palestinians did on 9-11 or you can take a firm stand against those who demonstrate ugly and violent intolerance and bloodletting in a never ending search for Islamic domination. I don’t care what any book says – individual actions are choices made by each and every human being. Doing something because a book says so does not change the fact that an individual human being did it.

Freeman, especially Americans, have long been restrained in our efforts to combat this scourge. We have tried limited military action with specific targets and limited goals, we have tried governmental diplomacy like international sanctions and resolution agreements, we have tried federal criminal law enforcement, we have tried tit for tat retaliations, we have tried to do business in order for the people of many countries to develop an economy that will improve their overall living conditions, we have tried untold billions in aid money, food and technology. We have even tried ignoring the issue altogether in hopes that if the demon was not fed, it would die of starvation.

After 9-11, we tried a larger scale military action on two concurrent fronts where we toppled two oppressive and corrupt tyrannical governments and offered the people of those countries the opportunity to choose their own leadership and path forward. The world has watched the path the people in these countries have chosen. The world has witnessed crystal clear barbaric brutality be the choice of so many claiming to be fighting in the name of Islam. Enter Daniel Pearl, Nick Berg, Paul Johnson, Kim Sun-il and so many others.

Stampedes over cartoons, but nothing of the kind over this brutality as a depiction of Islam? You should be ashamed of yourselves. Ashamed indeed.

All of these strategies have failed and there is one very simple reason why. All these efforts took the position that it was us that had done something wrong, that it was us who must change something we were doing in order for there to be peace. Therein rests the failure. The premise was flawed. It is not us who needs to change course, it is the Ummah that must do so, for it is in the wrong.

Over my entire life I have heard over and over again about the mighty power of the Arab and non-Arab Muslim street. I have heard that it will rise up. Today, I call on that supposed mighty power to do exactly that. Join those among you who have already done so and are trying to do so every day to defend Islam from it’s true enemy. Islam’s true enemy in need of battle exists within Islam itself.

I caution you to this one salient fact. Either you will stand up and fight this battle and win it, or the pressure cooker created by your lack of doing so will explode and that battle will be fought for you on a plane where defense of Islam itself is not even a consideration. Islam itself will become the number one target and this will happen because the world sees as absent Muslims who are standing in direct opposition to the violence and barbarism that is depicted by Muslims this day. The days of playing both ends against the middle are few. When a candle burns at both ends, eventually the flame comes together as one. Those flames are inches apart today.

America’s governments and media have done everything they can to buy you the time needed to ripple this sentiment through the Ummah. The most aggressive President in modern history, the one who took the most military action against Islamic zealot terrorists even went so far as to denote that we are not trying to fight the religion of Islam itself. In terms of Iraq, he could have ordered our military to literally flatten Baghdad, but he didn’t. Instead, he targeted all that was Saddam and then directed soldiers to refurbish schools and infrastructure like electricity and water production.

There will come a point when the American people throw up their hands and say we have had enough of trying to help people who refuse to help themselves. When this happened regarding Vietnam, millions of people were slaughtered and those who remained lived a life of tyranny and despair. I do not want to see that history repeated.

Let’s think about oil for a minute. Look at what the USA does with oil, it lubricates a prosperous society. Ask yourselves how it can be that oil producing and exporting nations, which don’t even have to buy oil, see their people suffer while those who buy their oil prosper. You blame America for your despotic situation when you should be pointing your finger at your own governments. You have been used as pawns by that leadership for generations. They get you to blame everyone in the world but them and they use Islam as the tool to accomplish goal. Using Islam as a tool of oppression isn’t something to protest but a cartoon is? Time for a bit of a reality check! They have gone so far as to indoctrinate mothers into believing that their sons are heroes when they detonate themselves in rooms full of non-Muslims. The only purpose that serve is death and destruction and they convince you this is for Allah, while they live high on the hog. Foolishness.

The Great Satan is not the freedom existing in the USA, it is the use of Islam as a means to steal your individual freedoms and control every aspect of your lives and every choice you have. This is not to say that Islam itself is the Great Satan, for the Great Satan, the true evil that exists, is the usurpation of individual Liberty. It is not the American soldier who steals your Liberty, it is your own religious leadership that does so. It’s time to admit this openly and deal with it honestly.

I fear the day is short at hand where the patience of the American people no longer trumps their anger. Only can there be so many examples of “Allah Akbar” before bombs and bullets and death and destruction before anyone saying it becomes a target that must be destroyed to ensure self preservation.

As it stands today, every American could travel back to the USA and every Citizen could put down their arms and stand still, but war would still be waged against us. That is because it is not America initiating this war, it is those speaking for all Muslims who are doing so.

If the Muslim Ummah wants war, then it will have it, so too is it true that if it wants peace then it will have it. It is a factual reality that if the bombings and shootings and killings in Iraq and Afghanistan come to an end and the people of those countries decided to point their efforts toward construction, instead of destruction, that America and the rest of the free world would leave both of those countries to their own devices.

The Muslim Ummah as a whole must feed on love for it’s own posterity rather than it’s hatred for anything and anyone not akin to it or submissive to it and willing to pay the jizyah. The world is a much bigger place than the so called Muslim world and it is time every member of the Ummah understand this fully.

If you want to live your life as a Muslim, then by all means do so. But you must understand that you cannot force that choice on everyone in the world. If you make attempts to do so, then you are responsible for what happens as a result. Today, that result is war. The Ummah is responsible for ongoing war and it is that entity alone with the power to put an end to it.

Forced religion, of any kind, is a form of slavery and, in case you have not yet noticed, the people of America went to war with each other here long ago to snuff out that Evil called slavery. Forever will Freeman stand and fight that Evil. If Islam is not itself Evil, then it would not enslave anyone anywhere to it’s teachings by force and threat of it.

The Muslim Ummah can doom this planet to generations of war exceeding what Afghans have been subjected to for decades or it can choose a path of peace. Today, the loudest and proudest among the Ummah scream war, destruction and bloodshed. For now, I can only reasonably deduce that the Ummah wishes war so it can continue choosing forced adherence. The Ummah choosing Evil and Islam being Evil are two very different things.

An old adage goes something like this;
Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

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  1. krisgardner permalink
    November 10, 2009 7:26 pm

    great blog mike, very insightful! :o)

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