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A Movement On The Ropes Or An Unstoppable Movement Just Getting Started?

November 23, 2009

Here is an article that everyone should read, and then read again. Please ponder what you read and then read it one more time. The body of that writing presents facts but then opines about a conclusion as if it is a bona fide fact.

It is true that there are differing viewpoints within the so called Tea Party movement. That piece implies that this is something new, but those of us participating from the start have known about this reality all along. Indeed, we have always understood that coming together with these differing viewpoints, and staying together cordially while working through them, is the example we have intended to set for our elected officials all along. This example is what has scared those in government and in media to no end. It is exactly why demonizing and dismissing a lumped together movement has been their chosen action to this point. Because that tactic failed so miserably, they are now seeking to exploit what they decry as division. What we view as honest disagreement and diversity of opinion, they view as a wedge to drive between us.

It is noteworthy to realize that this is the exact tactic that Osama Bin Laden himself employed on 9-11. He viewed a fractured nation, as a result of the 2000 election, ripe for splitting by driving between us what he views as a wedge that would shatter us completely. War. Some folks will not like this, but, to a certain extent he succeeded. We shall not fall into that trap again. Never Again. Never Forget.

Such wedge issues are viewed by some as a tool that will ensure that something they oppose fails. This failure is desired so that they can retain or augment their existing power structure. There is one quality that such a tactic cannot defeat no matter whether it is employed by a terrorist, a politician or a media outlet. Resolve.

Even when something of a moment of insight occurs, some still refuse to open their minds to the reality of what has actually occurred and what will continue to occur. A fire has been rekindled and it cannot be extinguished with “old ways” antics. Planting the seeds of discord and then watering them religiously may have worked in the past but it shall succeed no more. Patriots are standing up, all in our own ways, and quality change is afoot as a result. Freemen will always rise to defend freedom itself when it is attacked. It is precisely these so many ways that those with power today fear the most. In the end, they know that freedom cannot be defeated. They know that the only way they can accomplish their goal is to trick people into standing down their own freedoms willingly. That is what the article intends to do. It seeks to have people think that the movement is all falling apart so they stop participating now or decide not to begin participation in the future.

As much reading as I do, I find a tidal shift in what is admitted within that article. For one of the first times, 9-12ers are referred to directly as 9-12ers – as opposed to being lumped together as just “Tea Partiers”. There has always been a difference between these entities and that is a great thing. More than one group going more than one direction toward the same or similar goal is diversity that brings about worthwhile accomplishment. That writing tries to present a strength as a weakness. It is the old “up is down” strategy. There is more than a pinch of of Saul Alinksy in that writing, to be sure. This is how some folks are trying to rationalize missing such a very important point from the very beginning. It is how they admit they were wrong without actually admitting they were wrong.

Another thing I noticed within that article is the never ending aversion to free market principles. That writing finds free and open competition to be a fault rather than a strength. Nothing could be further from the truth, even if some folks refuse to admit it. A free exchange of ideas and information is taking place at what this author determines to be a grassroots level. It is driving the power brokers in media and government crazy because this is happening outside their control at the individual level. It befuddles them that this can be happening without a top dog celebrity to pin it on by creating a poster boy to chide or praise. The closest thing they have been able to create depicting this movement is a poster girl who is currently nothing more than a private citizen. You might have heard of her, her name is Sarah Palin. Ask yourself, why are they hammering her today as they did when she was a sitting and running politician? Their own fear is the answer. As I talked about already, it is the individual free Citizen exercising their rights that they fear the most.

Within this charge to defend freedom, some folks think that a third party is the answer, while some people think that cleaning up the two main established parties is the answer. Some folks think that fund raising for particular candidates is the answer. Some think that protest after protest is the answer. Some think that top down leadership is the answer, while others think that bottom up leading of ourselves is the answer. Some think that PACS are the answer, while others think that making campaigns about information instead of about money is the answer. I could go on and on with this list, but I think you get the general idea.

Here is the actuality, the unbridled, unbiased and straight truth. All of these things combined is the answer. Each group of individuals pursuing their own means toward the protection and defense of Liberty is the answer. Each of us leading ourselves to membership and participation within each of these group endeavors is the ultimate example of the true power that the exercise of Individual Liberty contains. Freedom is ringing loudly today and I implore everyone to continue to ring their own bell over and over again. We will all ring our common bell together, at the same time, when we go vote. This will be the moment that honest disagreement about the how is shown to be a strength pertaining to accomplishing the what.

It should not come as a shock to anyone that media elites and government elites would enlist any method to discourage the happenings, in all their forms, seen around this country these days. After all, what all the various groups are doing is expressing the fact that to be governed justly we must offer our consent to be governed. We are shedding power long held over us by refusing to consent to an overreaching government and a media that fabricates and steers news instead of honestly reporting news as it is, thus returning that power, that Liberty, to it’s rightful owner. The individual.

To this end, I quote a good President who had war foisted upon his administration and his countrymen; “We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail.”

I ask that each person remember these words and feed upon them in times of trial. They are the sustenance that will see Individual Liberty defended for us and for our posterity.

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  1. krisgardner permalink
    November 24, 2009 12:44 pm

    You totally nailed the intent of that article …. great insights Mike!

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