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IGOLD – What is it?

January 6, 2010

IGOLD stands for Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day. It is a perennial event where We The People show that we are the most important powerful and influential lobby group. It is a demonstration that money and political machine power is not the end all be all. To be sure, this is properly considered a protest but it is a great deal more than that. Far more is accomplished than sign holding, foot stomping and sloganeering.

Each year, IGOLD is an event that has grown not only in size but in productive organization. In my several year experience, both have doubled each year. The organization of activities has produced tangible results, my personal favorite being concrete proof of how media tells something less than the truth about attendance.

Last year, local print media reported an anonymous “estimate” of a couple thousand people. The SJ-R printing a short AP blurb, about something that happened just a few blocks away, was rich, especially when it was so easily proven inaccurate. Last year’s gathering wasn’t the ISRA’s first rodeo. You see, folks who attended, over 5000 of us, signed our names to show clearly how many people were there. As there are always folks who don’t care much to offer their names, it is quite possible that even more than that attended. Media was busted, cold busted. Delicious.

Another tangible result stemmed from cards pertaining to specific legislation that were produced and distributed. Each of us were free to choose which legislation we supported or opposed by signing our names to these cards and then hand delivering them to the offices of individual legislators and constitutional officers. Many of us hand delivered our own written letters to those same offices. Seeing those letters and cards pile up in office after office is quite a sight to see.

Make no mistake, usurpers of Liberty do hide on that day. Rather than standing before their own constituents themselves, they hide behind human shields known as staffers. Lawmakers who do not fear their own positions are often times present for cordial conversation. Regardless, they all know we are coming and they all know we are there. Over 5000 people inside the Capitol building, after the long lines at every entrance finally get through security, certainly put a smile on my face.

Last year, the call was made to everyone there to bring one more person with them next year because doing so facilitates yet another doubling in attendance. Never has a strong showing of numbers been more important than this year. Here is why. This event takes place in March and, this March, the Supreme Court will be hearing arguments in a precedent setting case that originated right here in Illinois.

As the decision in this case will profoundly affect the rights belonging to everyone in the entire country, in every state, it is of utmost importance that the people of Illinois stand up and be counted for all to see. While the Supreme Court considers it’s options, 10,000 people, or more, present at the Illinois State Capitol seeking redress of grievances specifically pertaining to a case it is hearing can only serve to help influence their decision in our favor.

As 9-12ers, even if firearms themselves are not our individual priority, we should not miss this opportunity to show our support for the message sent during IGOLD. The people of Illinois must show all levels and branches of government that the Bill of Rights, in this example the Second Amendment itself, applies to Illinois and every other State in the country. I implore all my fellow 9-12ers to participate in this endeavor, which kicks off at the Prairie Capital Convention, on March 10, 2010 at 10:30 am. Bring your spouse, bring your children, bring your friends. Come support Individual Liberty. Display for all to see that government, all of government, must respect, defend and protect inalienable rights, that all government is bound by the Constitution- the Bill of Rights included.

Protests have to be worth something substantial to make them worth the time and effort. They must have an endgame that amounts to something more than blowing off steam. They must have specific purposes designed to produce specific results. If any gathering before government ever held these qualities, this one does. March 10th will come quickly, so the time to plan for this is now. I hope to see you there.

More information can be found at

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  1. kckshrugged permalink
    January 19, 2010 4:27 am

    Hi Ashrak.
    I hope I am talking to the Ashrak from the original 912 site. If you are, I was impressed by your comments on that site. I found your blog from a comment you left on Breitbart’s Big Government website. When the 912 site was closed to commentary just before 9/12/09 many were lost but eventually migrated to a site that was started by a 912er. There were many of people looking for you (Shadrach, Boopster, Jerseygirl…) since September and none of us could find you. I had just cleaned out all my emails so I lost many addresses from the original 912 site. If you are interested the new site is

    By the way I like what the organization IGold has done by putting lobbying pressure from real Americans on their elected officials. I think 912communique could use some of your ideas for making our voices heard.

    Hope to see u there!


  2. kckshrugged permalink
    February 12, 2010 6:13 pm

    Just checked out the ISRA site and the IGOLD page. Great stuff and I am interested in what happened to HB 180 – I see this as onerous legislation designed to affect your 2nd amendment rights. Luckily here in Florida we have no one I am aware of that is trying to take away our 2nd amendment rights.

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