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The AP Should At Least Try To Get It Right

March 2, 2010

The people of this country are not as informed as they could be if the major news wires would just tell the truth.  Today is a day in America’s history that is a turning point of major consequence. The State Journal Register offers a tiny tidbit from the AP about it and errors abound. Intentional and shameful it is.

Here is the link to the story quoted below. Fair use to show inaccuracy seems legitimate to me.

“The right to bear arms is back before the Supreme Court. This time the focus is on handgun bans in Chicago and one of its suburbs.”

While true the Second Amendment is part of the question before the court, the focus is not on keeping or bearing arms. The focus, the question to be answered,  is about two clauses within the Fourteenth Amendment. Privileges or Immunities and Due Process is the focus of the McDonald Case.

“The justices were hearing arguments Tuesday in a case that asks them to extend their 2008 decision striking down a Washington, D.C., gun ban to state and local laws.”

The answer to the question asked reaches way beyond a firearms ban in Chicago. It is tremendously misleading to present this as if it only extends the Heller decision to state and local governments. This outcome affects rights from commerce to citizenship to property. Guns are the least of it. Seriously.

“The court ruled then that the Second Amendment gives individuals a right to possess guns for self-defense and other purposes, but that decision only applied to federal laws, such as Washington, D.C.’s.”

This is straight up false. The Heller decision was quite clear that the Second Amendment recognizes a set of natural, inherent rights that pre-exist the Constitution itself. The Second Amendment doesn’t give anything more than a guarantee of protection of  right. Remember, inalienable rights come from the Creator, not from government.

“The court has ruled that most of the rest of the Bill of Rights applies to state and local governments.”

Because the court has been activist and has tried to defeat the Reconstruction effort that is the Fourteenth Amendment, a Selective Incorporation Doctrine had to be created to apply certain rights to State and Local governments.

“Chicago Mayor Richard Daley says local officials need flexibility to decide how best to protect their communities.”

The Mayor can say anything he wants, it is his right, but that doesn’t make him any more accurate than this AP report. Truth be told here, the Mayor is saying that state and local governments must be able to ignore Constitutionally recognized rights in order to lord over what he views to be his subjects.

Today is the very first day of the end of your unjust reign Mr. Daley.  You Lose.

As a result of the case being heard this morning, this nation will return to a path of Liberty and the efforts to thwart Reconstruction come to an end.  Longstanding case law will finally be overturned and a great deal of what government gets away with as a result will come to an end.

The biggest shame here, even more so than the AP refusing to report accurately, is that a truly historic event is taking place regarding an Amendment clearly directed at freed slaves and the black community isn’t informed about it or engaged in it.   Shame on the SJ-R too for not matching their 1908 race riot coverage with coverage about this. They are doing the black community as much a disservice as the AP.

There is no stopping what is happening today. Simply refusing to report it accurately won’t steer the outcome. News outlets should stop trying.

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  1. Bill Stone permalink
    April 20, 2010 11:48 pm

    After Reading the NRA’s publication “First Freedom” it appears that the conservative wing of the Court in the McDonald case are leaning towards the correct interpretation of the first and second amendments as Natural Rights, inherent to all members of this society. This would be a major triumph for the good guys. The only possible down side is I don’t know where Mr. Justice Kennedy stands on the issue. I haven’t seen anything on the oral arguements that mentions Mr. Justice Kennedy, or what questions he may have posed during oral arguements.

  2. Ultra_C permalink
    May 13, 2011 6:08 pm

    Nice article! Unfortunately, the 14th Amendment is not all sweetness and light; through it, the states have been subjected to federal control that undermines individual liberty (through Title VII and other employment laws) and artificially created “rights,” such as the right to abortion. The 14th Amendment was not a part of the original bill of rights, since the founders were trying to create a true republic. Necessary or not, it was the first step in increasing federal control over the states in a way that has ultimately eroded our liberty.

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