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Is An Inalienable Right The Same Thing As A Privilege?

December 16, 2009

When seeking an answer, the most effective way to produce one is to ask a question. Great power is exacted by those controlling who may ask a question and by those with the ability to avoid answering it. In that light, are the words “privilege” and “right” synonymous? When asked, the vast majority of people would say that they are not the same thing. This seems pretty simple doesn’t it? If only it were really that simple. In reality, this is a question of serious complexity and far reaching consequence. So complicated and important is it that the Supreme Court will soon hear arguments in an effort to produce an answer to that question.

What is most amazing is that this answer is only now coming, if it is actually coming, within the context of asking the following question. Is the Second Amendment to be applied against State and local governments? When asked that question, the vast majority of people would say it obviously does. The reality today is that it isn’t. Many people will not believe that statement, but it is true none the less. Believe it or not, State and Local governments can ignore the Second Amendment entirely if they so choose. Illinois government and other more local controlling authorities in the Chicago area do exactly that. What is most appalling is that there exists many who are proud that this takes place.

It is prudent to observe that the meanings of words can change over time depending on their usage. The statement “That’s bad!” has an obvious literal meaning that something is “not good” and, as such, perceived as a negative. However, when common slang usage is entertained, “That’s bad!” is widely understood today as very positive, indeed it is a tremendous compliment. Up becomes down.

Part of the Fourteenth Amendment refers to privileges or immunities. Privileges or immunities, as applied there, must refer directly to inalienable rights, rights that exist outside the authority of created government. The questions I personally have is why didn’t the creators of the language of the Fourteenth Amendment just employ the same language as those who forged the Bill of Rights and use the word “rights”?

One of two things must be true. Either a “privilege” is interchangeable with a “right” in actual meaning and the slang usage of the word “privilege” has corrupted it’s meaning over time, or, Citizens holding rights that shall not be violated or denied were transformed into subjects, who are allowed or disallowed privileges at the behest of various governmental authorities. So which is it? It cannot be both. Can it?

If “privileges or immunities” does not refer directly to inalienable rights, then the people of this country have no rights at all. We have nothing more than an illusion of rights. All we actually have is an authoritarian dictatorship empowered to allow or disallow anything it decides at any given time. It means that the Congress,the Judiciary and the Executive branches of the federal government, not to mention every other entity within it, (can you say EPA?) along with all other State and Local governments, have no boundaries other than those it sets for itself at any given time. It means that We The People are nothing more than slaves, with governments being our masters. It means that “Due Process” constitutes anything government says it does.

It means that any government entity can make any declaration and it stands as proper because government taking any action constitutes “due process”.

Example: Government can pass law effectively banning the ownership of a handgun. Who cares that the Second Amendment recognizes an Individual Right to own that gun. It doesn’t matter. “Due process” was employed. Government declared it to be so, so it must be so. It’s the law, and that it is law, that government imposed it, justifies it. Due Process. Circular reasoning such as this is dangerous when accepted, thus it shall be rejected by any Freeman. Remember, this is a consequence of “privilege” and “right” not meaning the same thing. Notice that in Chicago, an effective ban of this nature has long been in place. This reality implies that those two words do mean something different. If those words do mean something different, then what does that say about the Fourteenth Amendment? In the words of Scooby-Doo “Ru Ro”……..

Notice that Illinois is the only State in the entire country where it’s people are disallowed the carrying of a weapon, even for self defense. I say “weapon” there because the Illinois criminal code goes into great detail about the things you will be punished for carrying. The criminal code goes well beyond the banning of carrying just firearms. Read it yourself and you will see that to be true. The Supreme Court has already said that owning and carrying firearms are individual rights, so what gives? How come the people of this State are punished for exercising those rights? How can government so blatantly violate something as straightforward as the Second Amendment, much less Supreme Court decisions regarding it? Think about it, here in Illinois, if you exercise a right, part of your punishment for doing so is losing that right altogether. What good is a right if you cannot lawfully exercise it? Doesn’t make any sense does it? However, if you are disallowed a particular privilege (keeping in mind that they are two different things) , and you do it anyway, then you can be justly punished. See it yet? I hope so.

In an effort to show that this is not even close to being limited to guns, look to “campaign finance reform“. Let me inject here that Illinois is currently imposing it’s own State level campaign finance reform. After you pay all the taxation imposed upon you, government has managed to gain access, via legislation, to the controlling decisions regarding the money you have left. It decides for you, in spite of you, how much of your own money you can spend where. So much for being secure in your own property, huh? So then, do you really hold a right to be secure in your own property or do you just have a privilege to be decided by government? Hey, campaign donation limits imposed by legislative code constitutes due process, right? Unreal. Government is going so far today as to force people to use some of that remaining money to purchase vehicle insurance and they are attempting to force the purchase of a health insurance policy that government approves of. (In terms of Medicare and prescriptions, government already does so. Just go ahead and try to have Medicare without a “creditable” Part D drug coverage, government will choose a policy and provider for you, and then send you the bill. ) So much for willing two party contracts! It’s almost like government has no boundaries. It is almost as if it can simply ignore the Constitution. In application, government has decided how much of your money it can take and then it has placed bans and mandates on what money remains. This amounts to government controlling all the money everywhere at all times. It amounts to the spending of all money you earn/have being an allowance subject to government dictation. So much for private property, huh? Are things becoming clearer? Maybe.

It looks like we have no rights that must to be respected, protected and defended. It looks as if we only have privileges and immunities that government decides to afford us, or deny us, whenever it deems appropriate. This can only be happening if “privileges” and “rights” are different things.

So what happens if those two words, “privileges” and “rights” are synonymous? What happens if the Supreme Court relents to the obvious intention of Fourteenth Amendment? What are the ramifications of “privileges or immunities” meaning “rights”? Maybe the intentions of the Fourteenth Amendment aren’t quite as obvious as we might think.

Haven’t we long been told that licensing requirements, speeding tickets, license plate and vehicle registration fees, liability insurance mandates and seat belt mandates are the result of driving being a privilege, rather than a right? Aren’t all the “rules of the road”, along with the punishments for violating them, predicated on the idea that you don’t hold a right to drive, but that you are afforded a privilege to drive? Take a look at this Letter to the Editor by James E. Biggers Jr., of Springfield Illinois, where he makes the crystal clear declaration that a “right” and a “privilege” are two different things. See how messy this gets so very quickly? I hope you do because messy it is about to get.

How about the right to peaceably assemble? Government requires a permit to lawfully exercise that right. Ask yourself this, if you actually hold a right, then why must you ask for a permit, which can be denied, in order to exercise it without fear of prosecution and how can you be prosecuted for exercising a right in the first place? Sounds a lot more like persecution than prosecution, doesn’t it? When you must ask permission, you don’t hold a right to be exercised, you are being subordinate to the one with the real authority.

There, I could have just offered the FOID card as an example of asking permission in order to exercise a right, but emotion plays a skewing role in the way people view that topic. The travesty that is being forced to ask permission in order to exercise a right is lost because of emotion, but the root is common regardless. That specific rights are spelled out in the Constitution, relays to most of us that we don’t have to ask permission, we must only decide for ourselves if we aim to exercise a right or not. But is this the reality today? Go ahead and possess a firearm, absent the permission that is a FOID card, and test it. Heck, go to any firearms dealer in Illinois and try to buy a firearm without a FOID card. Good luck with that. You will see that you will not be allowed to do so. You will find out that without the permission that is the fee based FOID card, you will not be allowed to even purchase of box ammunition. Understand that if you attempt to exercise your Second Amendment rights in Illinois without paid for permission, while understanding that some permissions are unattainable, you will find yourself in jail and/or paying heavy fines. Scarey, isn’t it? So much for “inalienable“. So much for Liberty.

Even in terms of voting, we must ask permission in order to exercise what we think is a right, we must register. Go ahead and try to vote without doing so. Go for it. If you are lucky, you might be able to cast a provisional ballot, which may or may not be counted. Would the people stand for being forced to pay a fee in order to vote? Can you say Poll Tax? So why then must we pay for permission to even possess a firearm or ammunition? How can government force you to ask permission to inherit your father’s shotgun when he dies? Why can we be punished if we do without government permission? Why is it “different”? Due Process? How about hunting or even fishing? Why must we ask permission, and then pay another set of fees called hunting and fishing licenses, in order to harvest a food source? Why can we be punished if we do not ask for that permission and then pay for it if it is granted? Why don’t we have to do so if we plant a garden? Ahhh, plant a big enough garden, attempt to sell or trade anything you harvest, and all of a sudden you are under the thumb of rulings pertaining to the Constitution’s commerce clause. That is a more contrived body of case law than is the one pertaining to the privileges or immunities clause, but the decision in the McDonald case has to venture out into those deep waters as well. Another travesty occurs if it does not.

I realize that this content is difficult to understand. I cannot honestly say that I have a complete understanding of it. Not even one person in this country could forthrightly say they do (kinda like the 70 thousand page tax code, nobody can honestly say they understand all of it). However, I can say that there exists a great many more questions than exists solid answers. While what I have to say next may well be construed as opinion, it is based on the fact that many questions remain unanswered today. This ambiguity is, I believe, intentional. When answers to questions are uncomfortable, when they present situations that bind certain actions or expose unjust activity, ambiguity affords the ability to play both ends against the middle. It allows government, especially the legislative and judicial branches of it, to engage in their “due process” and avoid being held accountable for Unconstitutional actions. Basically, governments get away with violating people’s rights until such time as the Supreme Court allows the asking of the perfect question. Even then, when the perfect question is asked, that Court often times avoids solid answers by keeping the decision as narrow as possible. The Heller versus D.C. case is a prime example. More on that in a minute.

If privileges or immunities encompasses inalienable rights, then a great deal of what various governments do is clearly Unconstitutional from a common sense aspect. A crystal clear declaration that these two phrases are one in the same exposes the corrupt government machination that has taken place. It throws into question the validity of the vast majority of “laws on the books”. Chaos is close at hand because anarchy approaches. This presents something of a conundrum. When doing the right thing could cause chaos, do you do it? Isn’t more harm done in the long run when refusing to do the right thing in the short run?

Many folks do not even begin to understand the precipice this nation rests upon regarding the coming decision in the McDonald versus Chicago case. It is, by far, more than just a Second Amendment issue. It is primarily a 14th Amendment case because that is where the answer to the Second Amendment question rests. While guns may well be a part of this case, the scope of this decision is quite broad. This decision will reach far beyond firearms. This case is really about inalienable rights themselves because the answer to the McDonald question revolves around who has inalienable rights, why they have them, when they have them, who has authority over them, when they must be respected, protected and defended and who, or what, must do so. Most people have no idea this is even happening, much less the ramifications of it when it does. How irresponsible has our media become? More importantly, how out of touch have the people of this country become? We often times snap on sitting politicians for being out of touch, but it is time We The People understand how out of touch WE really are and do some snapping in that arena. It is time we change that reality by seeking out answers. You Bet! It is time we pose questions over and over again until we gain answers.

Nine appointed Justices are tasked with answering some of the most serious and profound questions facing our nation. When they do answer, major changes in this country take place. They will soon offer a decision that will turn this country upside down. Now, that I believe this nation is currently on it’s head, such a rotation is a step in the right direction in my book. For if they do not do so, if they try to punt and keep the status-quo by doing so, if they refuse to actually answer such serious questions, which is what they have long been able to do, they risk sentencing this country to the explosion that is a civil war. Those are strong words, I know that, but it is the reality. Massive firearms and ammunition purchases have not been taking place since last year because we have a black President or even because gun grabbing politicians hold leadership positions in Congress. Those purchases are being made because a great many people sense the very real possibility that a civil war may be afoot. Here is why.

If the Supreme Court tells the people of this country that they don’t have rights, that instead they have something different, privileges, the Free people of this country will surely rise up and throw off unjust government. They have done so before and will do so again because it is our duty to do so. Freemen Patriots will always take up arms when that kind of defense of Liberty is required. There is no reason for that to happen. The Supreme Court affirming that rights exist, even when referred to as privileges, and that all levels of government must observe, respect and defend them, will avoid that happening. This is what those nine Justices must do, just as legislators appeared to have done when they amended the Constitution for the fourteenth time. The chips of doing so must be allowed to fall where they may. In terms of firearms, specifically regarding the Second Amendment, the Supreme Court directly answered longstanding questions in the Heller decision, but even in doing so they avoided saying who must abide by those openly declared individual rights and definitions. They avoided offering that specific answer because that specific question was not asked. Convenient, huh? From a common sense standpoint, everyone must abide by rights, that is part of what makes them inalienable rights! Or at least so I thought. See what happens when we debate what the meaning of “is” is?

Governments across this land must understand and submit to the fact that We The People hold, in our individual possession, alienable rights that they have no authority over. They must stand down their path of micro-management of our decisions regarding these rights and admit that no matter how honorable a position opined, there is no justice in the usurpation of Liberty. They must admit that such an action is Un-American.

When it is declared by the Supreme Court that States must abide by the Second Amendment, the vast majority of Illinois gun code must be rendered Unconstitutional. Anyone with open eyes can see that the Supreme Court has no option but to make this declaration. Last March, I wrote and delivered a detailed and personal letter, which was openly framed as an individual petition for redress of grievances, to the Constitutional officers of the State of Illinois warning of this very situation. I told them that in order to avoid chaos, it was in their interest, not to mention our own, that they drastically reform the Illinois criminal code, especially as it pertains to firearms. Not only did that warning go entirely unresponded to by everyone who received it, but the only substantial change made to Illinois gun law was to remove the language that saw you become a felon the instant you possessed any loaded firearm on any property that did not directly belong to you (even if that property belonged to your sister and it was your own firearm). See the Illinois versus Kirk Price decision from 2007.

I am far from alone in this effort, many people have been telling Illinois State Government that it has been violating the Second Amendment for a very long time. Many have been saying that Illinois government has been violating a great many of our rights, but we are ignored. That body ignored the Heller decision and it continues to violate what the Supreme Court said in that decision. They do so with impunity. For now, they do so based on the fact that D.C. isn’t a state – saying that because D.C. isn’t a State, the ruling carries no weight here. Yes, you read that correctly, the Supreme Court said that the D.C. possession ban was unconstitutional because owning and carrying guns is an individual right – and Illinois says that those rights don’t apply here. Doesn’t make any sense does it? Or does it?

Either Illinois government must view privileges and rights as two different things or Illinois government actually does see rights and privileges as the same thing. It occurs to me that Illinois government likes to have it both ways, depending upon the current whim of the moment. Mostly, it appears that Illinois government considers just about everything an allowance they are tasked with controlling. What those allowances are called is irrelevant.

This is especially true regarding the Second Amendment. The Illinois Constitution is a another reason why. We have one heck of a disclaimer on what amounts to our State level “Second Amendment”. It reads this way; “Subject only to the police power, the right of the individual citizen to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” As Illinois government sees it, we are not Citizens with inalienable rights, you see, Citizens can not be subjects where rights are concerned. The way Illinois government sees it, a right is something that can be allowed or disallowed based on “the police power”. See why so many people say that Illinois is a “police state“? What is “the police power”? Ah, anything government says it is. Due Process. Ugly, huh? Illinois may view rights and privileges as the same thing, but it views them both as something it controls with it’s police power. Confused yet? Aggravated? Torqued? Salty? Downright angry?

To be honest, it is my hope that everyone reading this is profoundly confused. If you are currently confused, then you understand the situation properly and I have at least partly succeeded in my goal of describing to you how convoluted the situation really is. The vast majority of people take for granted that they hold individual rights and the idea of government respecting them. They believe that because the Bill of Rights says something, it is so. Today, in this country, case law lords over us even when it is in direct opposition to the simplest of phrases, like ‘SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED‘, within the Constitution itself. In this way, Judicial activism has exacted more change to the meaning of words than slang usage could ever accomplish. It is noteworthy that the power of the Constitution comes from the people. That means a parchment may say something, but the people must enforce what it says or it is nothing more than a parchment and ink.

So complicated has case law become, not only can the average person not even come close to understanding it, one cannot even engage in “practicing” law without years upon years of “higher education”. How can normal people be expected to abide by law they cannot possibly understand? How can they represent themselves in court, when accused of wrongdoing? How can they know they are being represented properly by those licensed to practice law? They can’t! Yet, “ignorance of the law is no excuse.” These things are by design. Free people are not controllable and those who seek control over Free people must fabricate ways to accomplish their goals. In some ways, we have become slaves to a lack of understanding and that lack of understanding is intentionally created and augmented every day by these people we call “lawyers”. Remember, most sitting politicians are “lawyers”. They will not bite the hand that feeds them……….

The fact is this, most people violate some law everyday without even realizing it. This allows “the police power” to rule over just about anyone, at any moment, it chooses. Go ahead, read a message on your cell phone while you drive on New Years Day, see what happens to you. Next thing you know, the communication device known as a radio will bring you punishment. How dare you read the device while you drive to see what station it is on. Pure Foolishness!

The Constitution of this country, the Supreme Law of this land, was crafted in simple form so that everyday people could understand it. If they could understand it, then they could abide by it. So too could government. If government did not, then the people would have a reasonable recourse. Legislation and Court decision have corrupted this simplicity beyond comprehension. For instance, and I will go back to guns here because it is so easy to do so, the Illinois criminal code equates “possession” of a firearm itself to “unlawful use” of a weapon. Wait a minute, in terms of firearms, “possession” is a Supreme Court declared individual right (notice please that the Second Amendment already says the same thing) , so how can “possession” be an “unlawful use” due just punishment? It is so because Illinois legislators said it is. Due Process. Disturbing, isn’t it?

Part of me wants to believe that the Supreme Court decision in this case will clear the air, but another part of me understands that judicial activism got us into this in the first place. How can I believe that more judicial activism will correct the situation that judicial activism created? Law is supposed to be made within legislatures, but today it is effectively made within courts, via decisions. Except, of course, when lawmakers don’t like the decisions delivered. See Heller and Illinois law. A sad state of affairs it is.

Could it be that an effort to break the chains that continued to bind freed slaves saw to it that not only were freed slaves not elevated to the status of Independent Freeman Citizens but that instead a new citizenship status was created and everyone was crammed into that new classification? Is it possible that we were all made subjects of the United States Government afforded privileges, or denied them, as it decides – as opposed to being a Free people who are Citizens of these united States with Individual Rights that are inalienable? Could it be that slaves were never really freed at all and that instead we were all made equal subjects? Is it possible that Individual Liberty was destroyed completely by the semantics and ambiguity of the Fourteenth Amendment and the court decisions pertaining to it?

This nation has seen a handful of Presidents, and even more Congresses, come and go since Ronald Reagan was in office. In his time, our government, the three branches together, wiped the slate clean regarding illegal immigration. That problem was not solved by that amnesty, indeed that problem has only gotten worse. How can it be that so many have come and gone, that so much time has passed, and no solution has been found? While some may avoid admitting it, the ambiguity and semantics engaged in regarding the Fourteenth Amendment, and of course the judicial activism pertaining to it, is responsible. It is my hope that this seemingly unrelated tidbit provokes deep thought on your part.

So you see, this seemingly limited in focus court case, McDonald versus Chicago, is not limited to the issue of guns. It is framed that way by ideologues and media outlets to facilitate yet another passing of far reaching consequences stemming from actual answers of substance. Yes, this case is partly about guns. Yes, it is partly about gun rights, but it is about so much more than that. So much is at stake that there is no excuse for the fact that so few people even know it is happening. While something so incredibly important is on the table, mainstream media spends hours and days on Tiger Woods’ sexual antics. This proves to me that mainstream media will go to any length to encourage and foment willful ignorance. I am left to wonder when they will come to realize that this “rights versus privileges” question affects their livelihood directly. If that realization comes after that question is judicially answered, and it is answered in such a way as to augment the status quo, then it is too late. Their ideologically induced silence and intentional misleading may well amount to them shooting themselves, along with everybody else, in the foot.

Plenty of people in the new media, online, have been, and continue to be, asking these questions and now that a black man is President and a black man has asked the right question, the Supreme Court has agreed to actually hear the question. Still, the old media is next to silent about all of it. The only solution, the only remedy, is for We The People to delve into this abyss of information with both feet. We must be prepared to go deep under water and become dripping wet with information. We must be willing to inform our family and friends about the information we imbibe. We must refuse to be spoon-fed only the soundbites of information media moguls want to share with us. No longer can we be content to be knowledge starved. We must do our duty and stand up with bold questions. We must be relentless in the execution of our rights, before they are deemed by judicial decree to be nothing more than privileges controlled by government. My goodness, what if that has already taken place? A good look around would lead the thinking person to the conclusion it has.

Because Otis McDonald has asked the right question, and because the Supreme Court has agreed to hear it, (Thank You President Bush for Justices Alito and Roberts!!!!!), the answer to that question necessarily brings about answers to a great many other questions. Now you know why it has taken so many decades to get this particular question about the Second Amendment before the Supreme Court in the first place. Their answer has the potential to return this country to the path laid out by our founders, but we must stand together, side by side, to demand complete answers. We do so by asking questions. Our silence today sentences us, and our posterity, to continued injustice and further erosion of this thing we call Individual Liberty.

We break that silence best by figuring out what questions to ask. But where do we even begin? I implore everyone to start by reading the Supreme Court brief filed on behalf of Otis McDonald. You can find it at if you don’t click on the links while reading this.

I promise that reading that brief will produce plenty of questions in your mind and afford a great many avenues to pursue more information. Without a doubt, you will be reading about the SlaughterHouse Cases. I have no reservation about stating that doing so will have your blood boiling. Mark my words on that note. Boiling. While some will dismiss some of the things I have said here, especially some of the questions, as conspiratorial, others will see where those notions are rooted and come to realize that out of hand dismissal is not the appropriate course of action. They will grasp the seriousness of this one court case and how much it’s decision will change this country. They will be willing to stand up and take action, while the others just sit by and expect someone else to do something for them.

Knowledge is power folks, and We The People are being railroaded by our government because we lack the power to stop it from happening. No one can empower you with knowledge, this you must learn for yourself. However, we can share information amongst ourselves when those we have all relied upon on to do so refuse. It may well be unjust for media to abdicate it’s duty, but it is far more unjust for people to refuse their own duty to empower themselves. It may well be a right to remain ignorant by choice, but you must ask yourself, and then answer yourself honestly, do you wish to remain ignorant by your own decision? If you answer yourself in the affirmative, then so be it, but don’t whine about it when you finally realize that government has already stolen the very last tiny freedom you thought you had. For it is you yourself who allowed them to take it away as a result of your own chosen inaction and ignorance. I could snap a little bit here about smoking bans, in relation to private property rights, but I will reserve discussing that debacle for another time, this writing is already too long. To those still reading, thank you for your effort.

This nation was founded on a declaration made by those demanding and exacting their own Freedom. I proudly join them in that effort.

I am a Natural Born Citizen of the State of Wisconsin but I am currently a Citizen of the State of Illinois by my own established residency. Both locations are Sovereign States within these united States, which is also a Sovereign State, bound by the tenets of the Constitution they have in common. I am a Citizen who holds Individual ownership of inalienable rights, not a subject with allowances to be decided by various government claims, whether they be legislative or judicial or otherwise. I was born a unique Freeman and I am equal to all other born unique Freeman. I will remain a Freeman until my living days pass and I will stand up as a Patriot to protect and defend that American Dream just as my forefathers have done before me, so long as I continue to draw breath.

Make no mistake, I do not advocate the overthrow of government itself. I am no anarchist. I am simply willing to make the same kind of declaration our founders did and have the same willingness to stand up and fight for it because I understand that Freedom is not free. The questions I leave you with today are as follows; Are you willing to make such a declaration on your own behalf and are you willing to fight for the merit it entails? Only you can answer those questions for yourself. Good luck in doing so, it takes tremendous courage to do both. Therein rests this country’s largest problem. Not enough Patriots are doing both because too many have reduced themselves to subjects with their hands held out for the shiniest freebie offered by the newest prodigy politician.

So then, back to where we started. Is a privilege the same as a right? I am left to wonder if your answer is the same as it was before you read this piece and how many times it changed back and forth since you began reading it. One thing is for sure, this case is going to be heard and it will be decided. Understand that June will come quickly (that is when this decision will be delivered) and that nothing will be as it is today when that happens. Will things be better or worse? Well, on that note, I guess all we can do is wait and see while we learn more about what is coming.


A Movement On The Ropes Or An Unstoppable Movement Just Getting Started?

November 23, 2009

Here is an article that everyone should read, and then read again. Please ponder what you read and then read it one more time. The body of that writing presents facts but then opines about a conclusion as if it is a bona fide fact.

It is true that there are differing viewpoints within the so called Tea Party movement. That piece implies that this is something new, but those of us participating from the start have known about this reality all along. Indeed, we have always understood that coming together with these differing viewpoints, and staying together cordially while working through them, is the example we have intended to set for our elected officials all along. This example is what has scared those in government and in media to no end. It is exactly why demonizing and dismissing a lumped together movement has been their chosen action to this point. Because that tactic failed so miserably, they are now seeking to exploit what they decry as division. What we view as honest disagreement and diversity of opinion, they view as a wedge to drive between us.

It is noteworthy to realize that this is the exact tactic that Osama Bin Laden himself employed on 9-11. He viewed a fractured nation, as a result of the 2000 election, ripe for splitting by driving between us what he views as a wedge that would shatter us completely. War. Some folks will not like this, but, to a certain extent he succeeded. We shall not fall into that trap again. Never Again. Never Forget.

Such wedge issues are viewed by some as a tool that will ensure that something they oppose fails. This failure is desired so that they can retain or augment their existing power structure. There is one quality that such a tactic cannot defeat no matter whether it is employed by a terrorist, a politician or a media outlet. Resolve.

Even when something of a moment of insight occurs, some still refuse to open their minds to the reality of what has actually occurred and what will continue to occur. A fire has been rekindled and it cannot be extinguished with “old ways” antics. Planting the seeds of discord and then watering them religiously may have worked in the past but it shall succeed no more. Patriots are standing up, all in our own ways, and quality change is afoot as a result. Freemen will always rise to defend freedom itself when it is attacked. It is precisely these so many ways that those with power today fear the most. In the end, they know that freedom cannot be defeated. They know that the only way they can accomplish their goal is to trick people into standing down their own freedoms willingly. That is what the article intends to do. It seeks to have people think that the movement is all falling apart so they stop participating now or decide not to begin participation in the future.

As much reading as I do, I find a tidal shift in what is admitted within that article. For one of the first times, 9-12ers are referred to directly as 9-12ers – as opposed to being lumped together as just “Tea Partiers”. There has always been a difference between these entities and that is a great thing. More than one group going more than one direction toward the same or similar goal is diversity that brings about worthwhile accomplishment. That writing tries to present a strength as a weakness. It is the old “up is down” strategy. There is more than a pinch of of Saul Alinksy in that writing, to be sure. This is how some folks are trying to rationalize missing such a very important point from the very beginning. It is how they admit they were wrong without actually admitting they were wrong.

Another thing I noticed within that article is the never ending aversion to free market principles. That writing finds free and open competition to be a fault rather than a strength. Nothing could be further from the truth, even if some folks refuse to admit it. A free exchange of ideas and information is taking place at what this author determines to be a grassroots level. It is driving the power brokers in media and government crazy because this is happening outside their control at the individual level. It befuddles them that this can be happening without a top dog celebrity to pin it on by creating a poster boy to chide or praise. The closest thing they have been able to create depicting this movement is a poster girl who is currently nothing more than a private citizen. You might have heard of her, her name is Sarah Palin. Ask yourself, why are they hammering her today as they did when she was a sitting and running politician? Their own fear is the answer. As I talked about already, it is the individual free Citizen exercising their rights that they fear the most.

Within this charge to defend freedom, some folks think that a third party is the answer, while some people think that cleaning up the two main established parties is the answer. Some folks think that fund raising for particular candidates is the answer. Some think that protest after protest is the answer. Some think that top down leadership is the answer, while others think that bottom up leading of ourselves is the answer. Some think that PACS are the answer, while others think that making campaigns about information instead of about money is the answer. I could go on and on with this list, but I think you get the general idea.

Here is the actuality, the unbridled, unbiased and straight truth. All of these things combined is the answer. Each group of individuals pursuing their own means toward the protection and defense of Liberty is the answer. Each of us leading ourselves to membership and participation within each of these group endeavors is the ultimate example of the true power that the exercise of Individual Liberty contains. Freedom is ringing loudly today and I implore everyone to continue to ring their own bell over and over again. We will all ring our common bell together, at the same time, when we go vote. This will be the moment that honest disagreement about the how is shown to be a strength pertaining to accomplishing the what.

It should not come as a shock to anyone that media elites and government elites would enlist any method to discourage the happenings, in all their forms, seen around this country these days. After all, what all the various groups are doing is expressing the fact that to be governed justly we must offer our consent to be governed. We are shedding power long held over us by refusing to consent to an overreaching government and a media that fabricates and steers news instead of honestly reporting news as it is, thus returning that power, that Liberty, to it’s rightful owner. The individual.

To this end, I quote a good President who had war foisted upon his administration and his countrymen; “We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail.”

I ask that each person remember these words and feed upon them in times of trial. They are the sustenance that will see Individual Liberty defended for us and for our posterity.

National Popular Vote?

November 11, 2009

Watch this video and be formally introduced to National Popular Vote legislation. At this point, you might be agreeing with what you just watched,  but please ask yourself about ramifications regarding such a substantial change in how our Presidential elections work. What follows may entail answers you come up with but it may also present some troubling viewpoints you have yet to explore, viewpoints that will trouble you deeply the more you ponder them.  This legislation undermines our very basic structure of government and the dangers it presents to our liberties and to the Constitution itself are numerous and profound.  The worst part about this situation is that this is already established law here in Illinois. The saddest part is that the vast majority of people who read this will be exposed to it for the very first time.  It is not just our civil liberties being stolen from us, the country itself is at stake and there is no better example of that than this issue right here.

It is fair to say that just about everyone on this planet we call Earth knows what oceans, lakes and rivers are.  Most of humanity has either seen, or will see, one or more of these bodies of water in their lifetime. The same thing can be said about this thing we call government.  Like water, government can take many forms and depending on their quality, each can help life flourish or they can be tools of chaos and destruction.  While the tidal power of these entities ebb and flow, the most dangerous aspects of them both generally go unseen and unrecognized by most.

Rivers swell out of their banks causing untold amounts of carnage. Governments can, and do, operate outside their imposed limitations causing a similar destruction of individual liberties. In the case of an ocean, there are undercurrents, called riptides, that go unnoticed by most people while they go about their daily lives. Most are unaffected by this danger until such time as they go swimming while on vacation.  Only then is the danger realized and all too often it is too late to avoid a tragic happening born out of ignorance.

The Presidential election of 2000 saw something of a riptide come into existence. As a result of that election’s circumstances, some people felt as if George W. Bush was not legitimately elected.  Those with a populist mentality felt that because former President Bush didn’t gain the majority of the nation’s popular vote count,  his election was unjust.  They opined that our system of election failed and must be changed to avoid another outcome such as the one in 2000. To this end,  a movement was sparked to change how Presidents are elected.  This effort is centered around  National Popular Vote legislation.

On it’s face, it seems like something to support. After all, in a democracy, the one with the most votes wins, right?  Well, there is the first giant mistake right there.  We live in Republic where democracy is to function as a check and balance within our form of government – as opposed to democracy being the form of government itself.  Unchecked  majority rule is something that our Framers saw fit to avoid because tyranny of the majority is exactly that – tyranny. This is but one problem posed by the outcome that a national popular vote structure would bring about.

What happens when two opposing sides bring equally valid points of order to the table of debate?  Well, usually, gridlock occurs. What is to be done when one side says that the people must have their vote while another side says that each state is due equal representation. Both sides present true and germane arguments. In order to solve this seemingly insurmountable hurdle when creating the legislative branch of government, our Framers came up with a compromise affording each side what their facts were supporting. Thus was born the House of Representatives and the Senate constituting the legislative branch of government.

For law to be made in a checked and balanced manner, the people, through their elected representatives, must have a voice and so must each state.  The same level headed solution was applied to the question about how to elect a President.  The people are due their representation, their vote, but so too are the states.  The electoral college structure is akin to the legislative structure. This structure is there to be seen all throughout our Republican form of government. This structure is the backbone of America.  Break that backbone and America falls asunder.

Those who argue against the electoral college do not realize that they argue against the basic structure of our entire government.  They argue against a system of checks and balances that has afforded prosperity and liberty never before known in this world.  Well,  maybe some do realize this but they simply refuse to admit that this is what they are doing.  Others go along with the idea because they are unaware of the dangers that doing so presents.  Think back to that unsuspecting person going for a swim for a minute.  They know not what riptide awaits their entry into the water.  Now, please understand that this writing is a warning not unlike a sign at that water’s edge.

It is true that each state decides independently how it’s electoral ballots will be cast. Some states hold elections for those who will cast electoral ballots, some appoint them from within a party or a state may even have individual candidates name them as part of their campaigns.  Recently, New Hampshire almost passed what can be termed “partial apportionment”.  This means that a state government operating such a system would look to how the state’s population as a whole voted and then divide up the state’s ballots based on that breakdown. If a state has 4 votes and 3/4 of the people vote for one particular candidate, then that candidate would get three of the four votes with the remainder going to another candidate.

The National Popular Vote movement seeks to do an end run around these state processes while it claims to be operating within the rules of the federal process as they are.  It tries to bring about a radical change without amending the Constitution.   It seeks to remove the states’ role entirely and elect a President based solely on the popular vote itself.  This would be like deleting the United States’ Senate..  Does anyone think that eliminating the Senate could be accomplished without a Constitutional Amendment?

What would result were this to happen?  Much the same kind of government that Illinois has, that’s what.  The major population center in Illinois,  Chicago,  has a kind of stranglehold control that seemingly cannot even be challenged, much less broken.. There exists a tyranny of the Majority.  Basing the election of a President on a national popular vote alone would see several major population centers elect President after President. Think of it, New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago and a few others holding the same trump card on the White House as Chicago has on Illinois.  See the riptide yet?  No?  Ok, try this one on for size then.

Several states have already passed law to this end. New Jersey, Hawaii, Maryland, Illinois and Washington all have laws in place already that enter into practice the instant any combination of states, comprising together more than 50% of the total electoral ballots needed to win election, pass laws of this nature.   Let’s explore what this law actually entails, shall we?

Remember in the video how the goal to have everyone’s vote count was touted?  While ignoring the race card played in that video,  let’s just see how true that claim is.  In Illinois, once the law signed by Blagojevich in early April of 2008 goes into practice,  it is possible that not even one Illinoisan’s vote will actually count.  For example, every person in this state could vote for candidate A but if candidate B wins the national popular vote, then candidate B would gain all of Illinois’ electoral ballots. Yes, you read that correctly, every person in this state could vote one way,  but if the rest of the country votes another way,  then Illinois would go that way in spite of how Illinoisans voted.   So don’t drink the kool-aid being offered by these people who say this is about making every vote count,  this is about political domination by major population centers – and don’t ever forget it.  This effectively nullifies Illinoisans’ voting power and puts Illinois’ electoral ballots in the hands of members of all 50 states.

Undoubtedly, a court challenge of a Constitutional nature will be waged the moment that the final state, whichever one it happens to be,  passes a bill like this into law.  Article one Section ten of the Constitution forbids alliances among the states. What is this if no an alliance among states?

As it stands this day, the fate of  Illinoisan’s voting power rests in the legislatures of other states.  Current Illinois government is responsible for putting in jeopardy not only our right to vote and have it count but also our state sovereignty.  For this, all those there who pushed this nightmare endeavor through should be punished at the voting booth,  before there is no more voting booth to even use toward that end.  Take notice,  folks from both parties support this effort.  This is not a partisan issue. This is an American issue.

That Illinois is in this situation should astound everyone with open eyes. If you think there is leg pulling or exaggeration of the situation present,  please feel free to read the language of the legislation yourself.  Absorb what you read and then question it with boldness. You will see how dangerous this legislation really is.

Explore further this dangerous body of water at and then warn friends and strangers alike about the vicious undercurrents that threaten to forever sink the beacon of freedom known as the United States of America.

The Ummah Holds Responsibility

November 6, 2009

This may be framed by some folks as racist, bigoted, anti religious, xenophobic, warmongering, neoconic or some other such derogatory term. That would amount to intentional intellectual dishonesty employed to avoid dealing with the actual substance presented. This piece is specifically intended to be a call on every Muslim on the planet Earth. I make no distinction based on age, gender, skin color, country of origin or current residence, sect, tribe, or level of secular education. This writing is a cautioned request to any and all who take the Koran as their Holy book and live under the religion of Islam.

From the hostage taking of diplomats in Iran to the Marine barracks bombing in Lebanon, from the massacre in Munich to homicide bombings in Tel Aviv and rockets raining down on Sderot, from the World Trade Center bombing in 1993 to the embassies in Tanzania and Kenya, from the burning oil wells in Kuwait to the drained wetlands of Iraq, from the USS Cole to 9-11, the world has seen over and over again the depth of brutality sunk to by those claiming to be acting in the name of Islam.

Whether it be women clicking their heels in public or little girls going to school, or either of them being the victims of rape, we have witnessed the stonings and the honor killings in the name of Islam. We have seen harsh punishments handed down for an elderly women being delivered bread by an unrelated man, and even for drinking a beer or not dressing a certain way.

The world has witnessed massive outrage over simple cartoons that brought so many out in the streets and riots over false reports of so-called abuses of a Koran. Death threats abounded over these incidents. We witness Muslims burn the flags of this nation and that nation and burn effigies of this President or that Prime minister. We also witness the chants of Death to America. Why? Simply because we are not bowing to Islam?

The world has watched failed attacks like Bojinka, the millennium plot and cells like the Buffalo six but we have also watched the horror of IED’s. We have also seen things like the backpack plot in Norman Oklahoma, the numerous Valentines day killings that made use of everything from guns to SUV’s to create carnage and attacks on our soldiers from within our own Military itself.

For many years, the denials have held. Right down to baiting attempts like the belt buckle extension wielding flying Imams. Mainstream media has, up until now, been able to point the needle in every direction but the one it needs to be pointed for resolution to come to fruition. Governments, especially the American Executives during my lifetime, have played their part in this denial as well.

I say to all of you today that the pressure cooker release valve long used to bleed off the pressure that Islamic intolerance creates no longer functions as it once did. I mean to convey to you that the body of evidence has grown to the point that no amount of obfuscation and denial can endlessly cloud the picture of reality. The day fast approaches that diversionary tactics will be ignored entirely.

Many think that the USA brought her full power to bear after 9-11. Many thought America was defeated the day Obama was elected. Nothing can be further from the truth. In case you have not noticed, Americans have been arming themselves at a pace not matched in recent history – if ever. Freeman are preparing to defend their cherished freedom and this point should not go unnoticed. I do not seek to threaten when I speak of this, I attempt to share truthful information in the desire to avoid what is coming if all parties do not recognize what is afoot and take corrective action to avoid what will come if the status quo remains.

When Zarqawi plotted and carried out a bombing in Jordan at a hotel, Muslim people took to the streets and shunned the action as the evil it is. This happening gave me hope like the demonstrations in Iran recently have. The world needs to see much more of this to combat the picture of Islam that so many have been painting for so many decades.

There is nothing I would like better than to see every American soldier come home to the USA. There is no more desirable outcome than to see Islamic countries and governments live in peace beside the other nations of the world. The world can not accomplish this for you. While others can help you, you must actually do this yourselves because it is your choice whether to be peaceful or not. It is your responsibility to deal with what some call a criminal element. The reason foreign troops come to your lands is because you are not doing so, in fact you have leaders among you encouraging that criminal element. It is time to understand that preaching to and attempting an Islamic takeover of the entire planet will be met with the forces of freedom. It is time to accept that this will always be the case, that there will always be Freeman willing to defend freedom itself.

I refuse to believe that every Muslim is Evil. But I know, without any doubt, that plenty of Evil is perpetrated in the name of Islam and justified by the Koran and Hadith themselves. History itself, past and current, proves it fully to all who will open their eyes and see truth as it is.

Yesterday, a Muslim did as so many others have done. Like entering an airport and attacking the El Al airlines ticket counter, a Muslim took the lives of many unarmed and unsuspecting people and hurt many more. All in he name of Allah. Where are the massive protests against this disgrace upon Muhammad and Allah and Islam itself? It is absent, which means there must be no disgrace at all in the eyes of the Ummah.

You protest in droves about cartoons, but the world sees zero from you about this disgrace upon the one you call your God. You must recognize this idiocy for what it is and also that, every day, more and more non-Muslims are recognizing it. You, as Muslims, must recognize this faster than non-Muslims for anything good to come to you as a result of this reality.

You have a choice before you as an Ummah. You have a choice before you as an individual among that group. You can rejoice in the killing of the Infedels as Palestinians did on 9-11 or you can take a firm stand against those who demonstrate ugly and violent intolerance and bloodletting in a never ending search for Islamic domination. I don’t care what any book says – individual actions are choices made by each and every human being. Doing something because a book says so does not change the fact that an individual human being did it.

Freeman, especially Americans, have long been restrained in our efforts to combat this scourge. We have tried limited military action with specific targets and limited goals, we have tried governmental diplomacy like international sanctions and resolution agreements, we have tried federal criminal law enforcement, we have tried tit for tat retaliations, we have tried to do business in order for the people of many countries to develop an economy that will improve their overall living conditions, we have tried untold billions in aid money, food and technology. We have even tried ignoring the issue altogether in hopes that if the demon was not fed, it would die of starvation.

After 9-11, we tried a larger scale military action on two concurrent fronts where we toppled two oppressive and corrupt tyrannical governments and offered the people of those countries the opportunity to choose their own leadership and path forward. The world has watched the path the people in these countries have chosen. The world has witnessed crystal clear barbaric brutality be the choice of so many claiming to be fighting in the name of Islam. Enter Daniel Pearl, Nick Berg, Paul Johnson, Kim Sun-il and so many others.

Stampedes over cartoons, but nothing of the kind over this brutality as a depiction of Islam? You should be ashamed of yourselves. Ashamed indeed.

All of these strategies have failed and there is one very simple reason why. All these efforts took the position that it was us that had done something wrong, that it was us who must change something we were doing in order for there to be peace. Therein rests the failure. The premise was flawed. It is not us who needs to change course, it is the Ummah that must do so, for it is in the wrong.

Over my entire life I have heard over and over again about the mighty power of the Arab and non-Arab Muslim street. I have heard that it will rise up. Today, I call on that supposed mighty power to do exactly that. Join those among you who have already done so and are trying to do so every day to defend Islam from it’s true enemy. Islam’s true enemy in need of battle exists within Islam itself.

I caution you to this one salient fact. Either you will stand up and fight this battle and win it, or the pressure cooker created by your lack of doing so will explode and that battle will be fought for you on a plane where defense of Islam itself is not even a consideration. Islam itself will become the number one target and this will happen because the world sees as absent Muslims who are standing in direct opposition to the violence and barbarism that is depicted by Muslims this day. The days of playing both ends against the middle are few. When a candle burns at both ends, eventually the flame comes together as one. Those flames are inches apart today.

America’s governments and media have done everything they can to buy you the time needed to ripple this sentiment through the Ummah. The most aggressive President in modern history, the one who took the most military action against Islamic zealot terrorists even went so far as to denote that we are not trying to fight the religion of Islam itself. In terms of Iraq, he could have ordered our military to literally flatten Baghdad, but he didn’t. Instead, he targeted all that was Saddam and then directed soldiers to refurbish schools and infrastructure like electricity and water production.

There will come a point when the American people throw up their hands and say we have had enough of trying to help people who refuse to help themselves. When this happened regarding Vietnam, millions of people were slaughtered and those who remained lived a life of tyranny and despair. I do not want to see that history repeated.

Let’s think about oil for a minute. Look at what the USA does with oil, it lubricates a prosperous society. Ask yourselves how it can be that oil producing and exporting nations, which don’t even have to buy oil, see their people suffer while those who buy their oil prosper. You blame America for your despotic situation when you should be pointing your finger at your own governments. You have been used as pawns by that leadership for generations. They get you to blame everyone in the world but them and they use Islam as the tool to accomplish goal. Using Islam as a tool of oppression isn’t something to protest but a cartoon is? Time for a bit of a reality check! They have gone so far as to indoctrinate mothers into believing that their sons are heroes when they detonate themselves in rooms full of non-Muslims. The only purpose that serve is death and destruction and they convince you this is for Allah, while they live high on the hog. Foolishness.

The Great Satan is not the freedom existing in the USA, it is the use of Islam as a means to steal your individual freedoms and control every aspect of your lives and every choice you have. This is not to say that Islam itself is the Great Satan, for the Great Satan, the true evil that exists, is the usurpation of individual Liberty. It is not the American soldier who steals your Liberty, it is your own religious leadership that does so. It’s time to admit this openly and deal with it honestly.

I fear the day is short at hand where the patience of the American people no longer trumps their anger. Only can there be so many examples of “Allah Akbar” before bombs and bullets and death and destruction before anyone saying it becomes a target that must be destroyed to ensure self preservation.

As it stands today, every American could travel back to the USA and every Citizen could put down their arms and stand still, but war would still be waged against us. That is because it is not America initiating this war, it is those speaking for all Muslims who are doing so.

If the Muslim Ummah wants war, then it will have it, so too is it true that if it wants peace then it will have it. It is a factual reality that if the bombings and shootings and killings in Iraq and Afghanistan come to an end and the people of those countries decided to point their efforts toward construction, instead of destruction, that America and the rest of the free world would leave both of those countries to their own devices.

The Muslim Ummah as a whole must feed on love for it’s own posterity rather than it’s hatred for anything and anyone not akin to it or submissive to it and willing to pay the jizyah. The world is a much bigger place than the so called Muslim world and it is time every member of the Ummah understand this fully.

If you want to live your life as a Muslim, then by all means do so. But you must understand that you cannot force that choice on everyone in the world. If you make attempts to do so, then you are responsible for what happens as a result. Today, that result is war. The Ummah is responsible for ongoing war and it is that entity alone with the power to put an end to it.

Forced religion, of any kind, is a form of slavery and, in case you have not yet noticed, the people of America went to war with each other here long ago to snuff out that Evil called slavery. Forever will Freeman stand and fight that Evil. If Islam is not itself Evil, then it would not enslave anyone anywhere to it’s teachings by force and threat of it.

The Muslim Ummah can doom this planet to generations of war exceeding what Afghans have been subjected to for decades or it can choose a path of peace. Today, the loudest and proudest among the Ummah scream war, destruction and bloodshed. For now, I can only reasonably deduce that the Ummah wishes war so it can continue choosing forced adherence. The Ummah choosing Evil and Islam being Evil are two very different things.

An old adage goes something like this;
Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

To know what is wrong, one must know what is right.

November 5, 2009

After two full years of Obama saying that just about everything Bush was doing as President was wrong, he was elected to office. It has been a year since that happened, though he has not held that office for a full year at this time.

Is gitmo closed? Nope.

Has the Democrat majority in both Houses of Congress declared war? Nope

Is our military removed from Iraq? Nope.

Is the PATRIOT act repealed? Nope.

Is government spending reduced? Nope.

That list can go on and on but here is the point;

If someone is going to stomp around the country saying that what is being done is wrong, then they must know the right things that should be being done.

Obviously, Obama didn’t have any idea or he would already be doing it. Instead all we see is increased spending, increased taxation, studies about this and that and supposed strategy changes in the works.

Almost 1/4 of the way through his term and Obama is still campaigning. That is what happens one campaigns on opposition instead of solution. Think about it, Obama is still blaming Bush.

Opposition cannot lead and Obama is proving that beyond a doubt. His poll numbers will continue to fall as more and more people see this for what it is.

We will now witness acts of desperation from the leftists in control of the Congress. They know that 2010 is coming quickly and they will be rebuked for what they have already done and what they have not done. They will pull out all the stops to quickly cram several things down this country’s throat. Health insurance mandate and government control, energy tax and control and immigration will come quickly.

Our only hope at this point is for the sane Democrats to wake up and stop this madness before so much damage is done that it will take three generations to fix it – if it can ever be.

November 2, 2009

noise letter 3

(I know it is a little hard to read)

Evidently, a Letter to the Editor I wrote got under someone’s skin to the point they felt compelled to search out the location of my family’s home, type a racially tinged and curse filled screed with some penciled in corrections, place a newspaper clipping and their diatribe in an envelope and then purchase a stamp to send me their illogical rebuttal.

Interestingly, they didn’t bother to sign what they sent. Gee, I wonder why…

Apparently, this person has as much trouble reading as they do writing. I suppose it would be appropriate to put this into proper context by first posting the content of the letter as it was printed in the SJ-R.

Can’t ban every little thing people complain about
Here we go again with music complaints. The “quality of life” position applies to both sides equally and both are due respect.

During the time of day that an endless list of other things make noise, we accept them as part of daily life. Airplanes, trains, construction equipment, honking horns, lawn mowers, weed eaters and yard blowers are all noise makers that we would rather spend our days not hearing. Music during the day must be accepted the same way — accepted with personal objections.

Understand this — just because someone doesn’t like something doesn’t mean someone else should be punished for doing it. Neither does there exist a right not to be offended, nor should there be one. If we continue on this path of banning and punishing everything that some people complain about, we will be left with nothing but a police state where none of us can do anything without being punished.

Oh, so you want to dismiss that as conspiratorial foolishness, do you? Well, a few months back, I was on the receiving end of a written ticket for my supposedly unlawful music. I was also orally reprimanded for my “bad attitude” when I literally laughed out loud after being told why I was pulled over, detained and made late for a scheduled meeting. I must have deserved it, huh? Sure, the factory-installed radio in my almost 13-year-old truck is a priority requiring the immediate attention of valuable taxpayer-funded police resources, isn’t it?

Robberies, assaults, break-ins, rapes and murders happen every day and music is what elected officials and law enforcement personnel are concerned with? Seriously?

Government’s role in our lives is to defend our individual liberties, not to spend it’s time figuring out how to make us forfeit our property because we exercise them.”

I guess the author of the letter sent to my home considers equality to be “garbage” because mutual respect is exactly what my letter started off with. The mindset of that person is self evident straight away.

This person goes on to say that I go up and down the streets blasting a boom box. Do the words “factory-installed radio in my almost 13-year-old truck” mean anything to this person? It means that my truck has the original General Motors installed OEM equipment. So since when did GM install boom boxes? This person apparently thinks that a stock radio violates his right to peace and quiet within his own home. I guess this person wants almost every driver stopped, detained and arrested. Don’t most of us have factory radios?

The author goes on about “with[out] regard”, what the heck does drawing a distinction between day and night mean to this person? Apparently, they missed that part of what I wrote too. Did this person even read what I wrote?

This person claims to base their positions 100% on what I wrote, but what they typed (with a typewriter) doesn’t even address the vast majority of what I wrote.

“White trash”, huh? Interesting play of the race card, isn’t it? They start out their letter not even knowing if they sent it to the right person but then they claim to know my race. They wanted me locked up, because I spoke truth to a police officer.

It is noteworthy that this officer no longer works in my community. Did my altercation with him result in that happening? This I cannot say for sure, because I was not alone in being on the receiving end of the JBT tactics this man demonstrated. It may well have played a part though. After all, there exists much more to this traffic stop that I didn’t mention in the 300 word limit of a Letter to the Editor.

When this happened, it was just after Janet Napalitano came out with the DHS memo about folks who have bumper stickers against the major political parties on their vehicles being “extremists” and potential homegrown terrorists. This is not even mentioning the fact that I was pestered about firearms in my vehicle. (Hey, I thought this traffic stop was about music?) Interestingly, I had a different letter printed in the paper the same day this happened. What was that letter about you ask? Second Amendment rights. Gee, what a coincidence huh? Yeah, sure it was.

The best part of the stop was at the end. I asked permission to ask a question and was granted that permission. I asked if the stop had anything to do with the sticker on my back window. You know, the one depicted at the top of this page. He said to me ” What sticker?” Now think about it folks, his answer can only man one of two things. Either he was straight up lying when claiming he didn’t see it, or something that up front and center is something his ineptness didn’t allow him to see. Either way, he is busted – cold busted.

When it comes down to it, this officer abused not only his authority as a law enforcement officer but also a law about music volume to pull me over, detain me, hassle me, and attempt to intimidate me and get paper on me. He found out that is not such an easy task where I am concerned. So too should the anonymous letter writer understand that.

Then the mob rule threat comes out from this author. If you come to my neighborhood ….blah blah blah. Kinda hard to take this person up on that threat when I don’t know who they are or where they live, right? Jeez.

As it stands, even the SJ-R editorial staff would have me in a position today to see my vehicle towed, impounded, removed from my possession, because of my factory installed radio. They recently advocated impounding a vehicle upon a second offense. This is RIDICULOUS! The day we have our vehicles impounded over factory radios is the day this country has officially lost it’s sanity and common sense.

When I first got my mail, I noticed this envelope had a typed street address and was absent a return address. This is out of the ordinary, in that, we have no home mail delivery where I live. Yes, I said that correctly and accurately. It is 2009 and the people in my neighborhood do not have any mail delivery to our homes. Thus, our street and house numbers are not part of our mailing addresses, we have P.O. boxes instead and must go pick up our mail at the post office. This shows that the letter writer does not know me, so how do they know I am “white trash”? Hilarious contradiction isn’t it? The letter sent to me is full of examples of “which way will you have it?”

When I opened it up and read it, my first reaction was one of “WTF!”. Then it turned to cheek hurting and gut splitting laughter. I began to wonder who it was that sent me this letter. I came up with several ideas after asking my friends if they were pulling my leg but I really have no way of knowing who it was or why they did it.

1) It was the police officer who no longer works here in this community or someone else who has a beef with me personally but doesn’t have the guts to present it openly with the intent of solving a disagreement with civil dialogue.

2) It was a journalist who disagrees with what I had to say but has no logical way to dispute it. What better way to disguise their identity by not signing their own work and using a typewriter to create so many errors? Nobody would ever suspect….

3) It was a person without a computer that just couldn’t stand the fact that someone posed a reasonable position that they could neither refute nor dispel with a well thought out position of their own.

4) It is a left wing liberal hack who employs the anonymous card, race card, intimidation card, ad hominem card and government control by mob rule card toward everyone they disagree with because they can neither debate openly the merits of their own position nor defeat the merit presented in mine.

5) It was some trollish bait designed to get me to write another Letter to the Editor about that incident or that topic or just to give me a hassle.

This person complains about being bothered at home – as they send an unsigned letter through the mail to my family’s home. This person complains about my boom box – when I clearly stated that I don’t even have one. This person complains about what I said and wants me jailed for it – as they talk about Citizens’ rights and say something themselves. This person claims not to know me – but then calls me white trash. This person talks about “our” city – but dismisses my statement about equality reflecting that very sentiment.

Such is the substance of debate by the typical Obama/Pelosi/Reid voter.

My buddy told me that I have officially received my first piece of moonbat hate mail. I think I will frame it and hang it on my wall as exactly that. To be sure, a lot of times people have said nasty things to me and about me on the internet, but this is the first time someone took it to this level. That tells me I am doing something right and that I should continue speaking out as I do.

Here is a thought, instead of cutting my letter out of the paper and sending it to me (because I know what I wrote) maybe this person would have been better off keeping it, actually reading it and making an attempt to understand what the written words mean. They did themselves a favor not signing the letter they sent to me, for they would surely be embarrassed when directly and publicly confronted with their chosen action.

So to whomever wrote and sent me that letter, you want to curse me out and call me white trash? I can give as good as I get on that front and here are two videos for you to view to demonstrate that I can do so when it is called for. Notice please that my Letter to the Editor was nothing like this and the only reason I offer it to you now is because you took it to this level in your letter to me.

Some would argue that I am sinking to your level but I would respond with the fact that I am showing you, and everyone else, that anyone can operate on that level but what truly deems you ‘trash’ is when your own actions demonstrate it to be the only level on which you can engage. Notice, it is you who have only demonstrated operation on one level.

With this writing in conjunction with my initial letter, I have demonstrated that I can do both but that I first chose a cordial, even handed letter based on mutual respect for each others’ rights.

I only send vitriol in your direction because you first sent it to me. It’s a self defense thing. When someone wants to play dirty pool, sometimes that self defense requires one to play that game by it’s own rules in order to be successful. It is true that sometimes one must fight fire with fire.

So here is some fire for you, I thought some music matching your letter was appropriate.

and for good measure….

Now, if you would care to have an adult and open conversation about this subject in a civil manner, I would very much like to participate in such an endeavor. Something tells me that you are incapable of such a thing, maybe it was your letter….

The very reason we have a Bill of Rights as part of our Constitution is so that people like you cannot use government to impose your own will on everyone else. Indeed, it is why we live in a Republic instead a Democracy.

The Framers knew that people like you will always exist and they saw fit to create a form of government that would prevent your mob rule mentality from destroying the great American experiment and the very Freedoms this nation was created to stand for.

I thank you for your letter because it is a perfect demonstration of what this nation is up against. It is an exquisite example of people that have totally lost sight of our Constitution and what it means to be an American. I will cherish your words and reflect on them whenever I think that speaking out as I do isn’t worth it. You proved to me that it is.

Oh and one more thing, as a Freeman, I can do whatever I want, whenever I want so long as I am not infringing upon the rights of another. You see, we even have a word for that. It is called Liberty.

Until every noisemaker that can be heard inside a house is criminalized as a direct violation of a persons right to silence, then it is easily shown that you claim a violation of a right that does not exist. That you don’t like what I do is not a violation of your rights. If it was, then you just violated my rights by sending that letter to my house. Oh, I forgot, you think equality is garbage. Never mind.

The main difference between us is a simple yet profound one. I respect your individual liberty but you don’t respect mine. That means you don’t respect Liberty itself.

You, sir or ma’am, are a fine example of what it means to be Unamerican.

Governments Are Overstepping

November 2, 2009

I would like to ask people to think about something substantial. Today, our state and federal governments are placing legislative limits on how much money we can offer the political candidates of our choice. Meanwhile, they are trying to declare and mandate where we must spend other monies, regardless of whether or not we can afford to make those expenditures. Government is trying to control every person’s spending habits.

At the state level, insurance purchases are already mandated and heavy fines are imposed if a person fails to comply. One need only look to the so called ‘health care reform’ bill to see what the federal government is trying to do. That entity is trying to impose a similar mandate while creating a ‘government option’ aside from the private sector. They plan to make the private sector insurance more expensive, per regulation, than the public option, which will, in the end, force everyone to make a purchase from government. This is just a tax by another name.

Think about it, where do elected officials get the idea that they can tax monies away from us and then determine where what remains must be spent? What property do they consider off limits to their authority? Obviously, those there today think everything belongs to them and there are no limits on their authority. Maybe they ought to try reading the Constitution to see that governments do indeed have limits.

Now, to be clear, I have never sent even one cent to any person seeking an elected office. This is true partially because I have never had even a penny I didn’t think needed to be used elsewhere. This is about principle. This is about individual Liberty. This is about exercising rights in a country that is supposed to be free.

We all have a right to be secure in our personal possessions and our private property and we all have a right to free expression. We have the right to peaceably assemble and to pursue our own happiness. Of course, government has the power to impose taxation but once that taxation is paid, what is left belongs to us, meaning that their control over it is nil. These things together mean that government is overstepping it’s authority, it is violating our civil Liberties, when it stipulates what we do with after tax dollars.

For many years, governments have been doing this in a somewhat sly way. They have spent more than they have taken in levied taxes and now claim they must raise taxes to fund their “budget”. Taken to it’s illogical end, governments could accrue as much debt as it’s operators want, impose any mandate and ban they want and, in effect, take every bit of wealth that is in the hands of every person and corporate entity. They do not even feel the need to be sly about stealing away every penny we have.

Americans need to wake up and see what is going on before their eyes. Then they must stand up to this tyrannical action and say ‘No More!”.

This madness must stop. We need reform alright. We must reform government. The way we effectively exact reform that will return government to it’s due role in our society is to rework the methods of taxation. I have said it before and I will say it again, the current tax code must go the way of the dodo bird and be replaced with a stand alone and standard tax that each person pays at the time of their purchases.